May 11, 2013

#MotherHen with her baby chicks - Full video

Yesterday it cleared up, so while out grocery shopping I was able to pull up the tarp and record the mother hen with her baby chickens.  Barry was afraid that she would not get off of her nest to feed them, said we may have to remove the chicks, something told me otherwise.  Deciding to put the dish in the nest, if you watch the end of the second video, you will see something neat that she does with the dish.

Two days before the chicks hatched Barry had me go and take a few eggs out and we opened them to see if they were fertile.  The first two were not but the third was, two days later, every one of the last six eggs hatched.  After replacing the rest of the eggs that we did not open, she pulled the eggs under her using her beak and wings.  This hen is one of those perfect hens, she cleaned up the nest so no ants got in and killed them, and as you can see in the beginning of the video, the hen will bite if you put your hand in the nest.

In the first video watch how she listens as we leave before calling her chicks out, it is so adorable, this happens four minutes into the video.  Next in the second video, towards the end, watch what the hen does with the feed dish.

Watch at four minutes how she calls her baby chicks out

Here towards the end you have to see what she does with the feed dish

May 10, 2013

#BabyChicken.Video - Mother Hen with her new babies

Three weeks ago Barry and I had to remove this hen from the big chicken house and place her in a coop by herself.  She is one of those hens that has sitting in her blood, which is no good with other chickens that you want for laying eggs for consumption only.  The reason for this is because, one: it makes the yolks bloody when a chicken sits on an egg, two: one sitting hen will cause all the other surrounding hens to also sit.

Wanting to record the chickens while doing my morning chores was not an option today since it's raining.  Also, I placed a tarp over the coop for the day to make sure they stay dry, so hopefully tomorrow if it is clear enough, although, it is suppose to still be raining all day tomorrow, the plan is to record them on the next clearest day to see how the activity is doing.

Here is a short twenty second clip of them yesterday immediately upon hatching.  The mother is not to happy with me going in there and messing with the chicks.  Earlier this morning while seeing if they where okay and holding the hen at the same time, she pooped on me...ewww!  At least she got to have a bowl movement in the meantime anyways.

May 07, 2013 - Goats on the Farm

A video of a few of the goats on the farm, just a handful of the fifty plus that are here. The brown goat we sometimes call ET because, well, she kind of looks like ET. Mostly we call her the old brown goat, she is quite old and is blind in one eye. ET was not eating with the other goats, upon realization that she was getting to skinny I began feeding her separately. Now ET is my best friend, she loves me to death as you will see in the video, ET beats up any other goats that try to come near me out of envy. The white goat with the sleepy eyes is queen, she if very lovable but also is somewhat of a bitch when it comes to her feed. Than the little goat is one we bottle fed, his mama died shortly after giving birth. He is people friendly because of the bottle feeding. I might name him Mr. Billy, not sure though if anybody has a better name than that, please comment. Mr. Billy is always trying to eat my clothes, probably because they smell like chicken and goat feed all the time. The little pygmy is Aggy, she hates being brought to the milk stand but once there, eating her feed she is no problem to milk. Than there is trouble, she was named because she is always getting into something. Trouble follows Barry all over the place, one day I'll record Trouble following Barry around when he is cutting the grass.

Anyways, here is the video:

May 06, 2013

Mama sow giving birth to piglets on farm

Mother Sow Giving Birth to Piglets
Today, finally, the opportunity to watch and record one of the sows giving birth arose.  Although Barry and I were busy trying to get a pen ready for the new mother, I was unable to record this last piglet being born from the beginning.

Although, this video is pretty cool, you can see the navel cord still attached in the video.  Hopefully the next video will be of one in the act of giving birth to her piglets.  Watch the video here:

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