April 25, 2013

Transfer Truck Spills Corn - Hallaluah it's raining corn!

At about 10:00pm last night, while transferring five tons of corn a truck tipped over about 5 tons of loose corn while turning a corner, in Pickens County Alabama. The truck did not actually tip over, just the trailer tipped over and the corn spilled out into the road. At a few minutes before 11:00pm a Deputy from the Pickens County Sheriff's Department called Barry to let him know and that if he were able to make it, he better get out there and get what he could. Barry and another gentleman went to load as much corn as they could into their, trucks, barrels and trailers. This morning they went back to rack up whatever was left, it is like money falling from an airplane, people from all over Pickens County were out there shoveling as much corn into their trucks as they could before it was cleaned up. When the State finally came, whatever was left lying in the road, the State loaded into the trucks, the rest was shipped off to where ever they ship items like that after an accident.

This does sound pretty hysterical, but a ton of corn is worth quite a bit of money, I think Barry said about $300 a ton. Barry said one man was shoveling corn in the back of his SUV, oh where is my camera when things like this happen so that it could be posted to my blog. Something like this is a God send, since the corn will now supply the pigs for quite some time now.

Anyways since there is no video, pictures or news items on last nights incidents, here is a video of a few of the dogs on our farm. Gus, a boxer, Peggy sue the little squirrel dog and Buddy, a new addition to the family a lovable great Dane. Although, one problem with Buddy is that he is to aggressive towards the other animals whenever he gets jealous. Gus is afraid of him. If anybody has any suggestions on what we can do to stop Buddy from charging the Goats and Pigs or beating up Gus, please let us know. Buddy has been transfered around to much, is a great people dog, loves me like crazy and we do not want to tote him off like so many others have. Here is the video I took last week of there funny faces:

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