March 27, 2013

#VIDEO Live Guniea Fowl

Guinea Fowl
It seemed cool to video tape these fowl that are now running loose around the farm.  For about a year they were penned up, there were about eight of them, Barry let four loose, only to have mysteriously disappeared.  The last four Barry waited almost a year before letting them out, they were afraid to come out.  He left the opened the door but they just stayed in the coop, next he propped the coop door open with a stick, it took two days before the Gunieas came out. Now the Guineas, most of the time, stay near the area of the coop area.  Unless you try to record them, than they will run off a little ways.

As the warm weather progresses, these ugly birds are probably going to reproduce to the point that we will have to shoot them.  I'm not sure what they are for, except to look at.  One idea I had was to eat them, since they eat the same things chickens eat, grass, bugs and feed.

Anyways, here is my home video of them, wish it could have been a closer shot but they would not let me get to near as you can see.

March 24, 2013


Home, at last, Barry and I returned this past Thursday evening. Now that Internet is setup and I am settled in, once again blogging is an option.  Once everything is settled and my computer is up to par my plans are to get back into working on the Digital Business Cards.  Figuring the low price of purchasing a domain for $10 a year and using Google Apps for $5.00 a month is worth the effort in getting back into the Digital Business Card business.

Friday morning Excede came to install my Satellite Internet connection, expensive.  The install date was originally on Wednesday but when the technician came and said it was going to be $120, it had to be canceled.  That was quite upsetting, all the while in an agitated state, so I contacted Excede after the technician left to cancel the service.  Because they did not want to lose me as a customer they asked if a $49.99 credit was satisfactory, it was.  Friday when the technician returned, he told us that it would cost only $70.00.

Exede Satellite Internet Service via DishNetworkAfter he setup the Internet he asked me if they mentioned the 10 gig cap, which they did not.  Saying though that from 12:00pm to 5:00pm was free time, that calmed me down a little, it's not showing that any data has been downloaded as of yet, so maybe the cap really means, do not be greedy and stupid. 

Basically, living way out in the middle of nowhere, until more companies are able to provide more cost efficient Internet and television services, the satellite companies are going to suck everything out of the consumers in those boondocks areas.  $60.00 a month for 10gb of data is quite steep, so for you X-box users that are living way out, this is not the way to go, unless you are one of those night time gamers.

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