May 11, 2013

#MotherHen with her baby chicks - Full video

Yesterday it cleared up, so while out grocery shopping I was able to pull up the tarp and record the mother hen with her baby chickens.  Barry was afraid that she would not get off of her nest to feed them, said we may have to remove the chicks, something told me otherwise.  Deciding to put the dish in the nest, if you watch the end of the second video, you will see something neat that she does with the dish.

Two days before the chicks hatched Barry had me go and take a few eggs out and we opened them to see if they were fertile.  The first two were not but the third was, two days later, every one of the last six eggs hatched.  After replacing the rest of the eggs that we did not open, she pulled the eggs under her using her beak and wings.  This hen is one of those perfect hens, she cleaned up the nest so no ants got in and killed them, and as you can see in the beginning of the video, the hen will bite if you put your hand in the nest.

In the first video watch how she listens as we leave before calling her chicks out, it is so adorable, this happens four minutes into the video.  Next in the second video, towards the end, watch what the hen does with the feed dish.

Watch at four minutes how she calls her baby chicks out

Here towards the end you have to see what she does with the feed dish

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