May 10, 2013

#BabyChicken.Video - Mother Hen with her new babies

Three weeks ago Barry and I had to remove this hen from the big chicken house and place her in a coop by herself.  She is one of those hens that has sitting in her blood, which is no good with other chickens that you want for laying eggs for consumption only.  The reason for this is because, one: it makes the yolks bloody when a chicken sits on an egg, two: one sitting hen will cause all the other surrounding hens to also sit.

Wanting to record the chickens while doing my morning chores was not an option today since it's raining.  Also, I placed a tarp over the coop for the day to make sure they stay dry, so hopefully tomorrow if it is clear enough, although, it is suppose to still be raining all day tomorrow, the plan is to record them on the next clearest day to see how the activity is doing.

Here is a short twenty second clip of them yesterday immediately upon hatching.  The mother is not to happy with me going in there and messing with the chicks.  Earlier this morning while seeing if they where okay and holding the hen at the same time, she pooped on me...ewww!  At least she got to have a bowl movement in the meantime anyways.

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