July 01, 2012

#ViciousRumours Ruining a person’s reputation

It has been such a trial,  being able to have a relationship with Barry. Why are there so many busy bodies in this small town,  is what wonder. Now Barry and I,  walking in eggshells, have to keep our personal life quiet.

Why should two,  grown consenting, adults have to keep a legitimate relationship quiet. Except for the ignorance regarding my medical condition, nobody is being hurt, except those who are overly concerned with what Barry and I are doing with our personal lives.

When I told Barry about my condition,  he said that, "I guess I'll have to have it as well." Explaing to him the chanes were very low,  although,  it is so nice to have him love me that much. The Sheriff asked Barry that,  if he was sick on the ground,  would I take care of him. If course I taking care of him is not a problem, as for Barry getting chronically ill with this disease, he has a better chance of being attacked by an alligator while swimming in the Mississippi.

The Sheriff told Barry that if he moved off the farm, he would take the truck from Barry. Monday, moving to a little house out in the woods, being alone means, a need for a dog and a shot gun, for protection.  Agreeing with Barry, it's best not to let anyone know where I'm living is for the best.

A feeling of resentment is more then I can handle, whomever end their mouth off at the Sheriff's wife...needs help.  The woman that blew my personal life out of  proportion must not have a heart. It's difficult to comprehend why anybody would want to put a strain on our relationship, even jeopardise Barry's job .

To make matters worse,  this same person,  also,  told the Sheriff's wife that I was screwing several differant men. Not being the first time having this type of accusation, although, having been told by others occasionally that, "you  seem like the party type," without the person knowing who I am. Apparently, misconception comes in many forms,  not only by the color of one's skin.

Now Barry and I have to sneak around,  as if we are doing something wrong. It appears to be that gossip has a stronger effect on who an individual is, then getting to know who they really are. Making comments in regards to the rumors, wrongfully, risking Barry's employment and my reputation, maybe these "so called Christian women," will rethink their gossip.

Just to be a pisser,  I've been playing this 80a classic song,  "Rumors" by Timex Social Club.


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