May 27, 2012

New York vs Alabama - The cultural difference

Most people are very laid back here, this means, nobody is in any type of rush.  They actually hate being rushed and will let you know.  It took a few days for me to get the hang if that, all that was needed to do was to just slow down.  It feels good to not feel rushed, seriously, if you think about it, what is the hurry.

As for going organic, this is the place to do it.  Because of the warm climate, it makes sense to have the ability to grow a variety of produce.  Food is taxed here, so farming and fishing at the Mississippi River is as common with the locals as it is with the tourists.  The locals are always selling, at a good price, or simply giving away the fish they caught.

One farmer, Berry, is going to sell me some raw goats milk. He said to be careful, that it is very rich. Meaning, don't drink to much or I'll be running.  Berry also said it gives a person a natural high once it is drunk, I'm excited.  These food items are priced outrageously at farmers markets in New York.  A dozen of fresh, free range, eggs from a local farmer is only $1.49 a dozen here.

One day soon I plan on going to the Mississippi to take some photos.  Nearby from here I've been told that there are some real pretty falls.  It is a mile from here, which would be no problem to walk, if they had sidewalks and it wasn't heading to 100 degrees daily.

Here is a picture of Ahmed's rooster that he bought from Berry. Also check out the dying horsefly...LOL.

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