May 25, 2012

My journey

It isn't so bad here, maybe I'll stay for a bit, seek employment. Since all expences are paid, why not make the best of it. It does not feel like the other day, I showed up in Alabama after traveling alone for 28 hours on an Amtrak train. Sometimes people tease me a bit about my New York dialect, it does sound funny, the person will try to say cat, for example, in the Yankee accent, accept their southern accent is noticable.

It is interesting learning to remember, when communicating with females, to respond with, yes maam and no maam. Everybody is so relaxed, so cool, and it is refreshing to not hear, to son. Everything here is taxed, including food. Eight percent tax on a tomato, that's crazy, although anybody could of course easily grow their own vegetables. Alabama doesn't have a lottery, although, at all those Arab owned market, you can purchase pull tickets, they are illegal, that are called phone cards in case the police come. The tickets are obtained by UPS from a woman in Alabama. If an individual wins $500 or more, the ticket has to be m.ailed to California so that a check can be mailed.

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