May 16, 2012


Last night while pondering over yesterday's post, #EqualRightsAreNotSpecialRights, something that may have been a possibility regarding the email to the E.A.P. representative that was linked to in that post.  Now it is a wonder if that email had been used as evidence to obtain the warrant in seizing my computer and blackberry, since it was sent from my blackberry.

That is a thought that would make anybody angry, especially since that right there would be considered a clear case of civil rights abuse.  Any conversation between an employee and an E.A.P. representative is confidential, whether it is in written correspondence or verbally.  Even after the employee leave the place of employment, the representative is bound by law to keep those correspondences private and only the employee has the right to disclose that information.  Unless the conversation is something in nature that would danger the employee or somebody else, such as sexual abuse, murder, etc… not even the law can force or use that information in any way to obtain a warrant.

On another note, if this email was used just because some Sgt. Lacossee had a hard on to get me, he is gone against my civil rights.  This makes a civil suit all that much easier and is their any fear of saying so publicly…NOPE!  Hopefully, the district attorney knows about this blog or is reading it.  At five weeks since the authorities came to my residence, at this point it is so obvious they have nothing.  What are they chances the D.A. is at this point investigating the evidence used to obtain that warrant, ILLEGALLY!

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