May 02, 2012


No matter what somebody sends me in an email, especially if it comes from an unknown sender, 97% of the time the email will go directly into the spam/trash folder without ever being read, the other 3% of the time the email might be read but the link will still not be clicked and the sender will not receive a response.

During the beginning of my first semester at HVCC one of the computer courses the instructor spoke on opening unknown links and responding to spam emails.  Already learning my lesson early on in my self teaching of computers this was already a given.  Another thing this same instructor talked about from time to time as well as another one during that same semester was possibly giving Linux a shot.  After getting my hundredth something virus I decided to do just this and after installing Linux literally a few hundred times was happy with the outcome.  After purchasing the last computer while the technician at the chop shop was putting it together and installing the windows drivers I told him not to bother.  The first thing once the computer was setup at home was the hard drive was formatted and Linux was installed.

Having really no real interest in creating a virus just to have my name on the long list of an every day growing list of viruses.  Viruses are created for a variety of reasons, some viruses creators do it in tries of creating the ultimate virus that will get their name known, such as the kid that created the one that took EBay line.  Than their are the ones who do it just to be malicious, want to learn or are trying to rob somebody.

Where my interest in computers lies is making a long term honest living at it and starting a business creating artistic digital business cards recently is just what I found where my real interest lies.  Discovering that this could be done at no cost using Linux, the real love was discovered, art, computers, math and other peoples interests all wrapped into one.  That brings a memory back to the mid nineties when desktop computers were brand new.  At a vocational school I was attending during one class the teacher would have us just sit and move around the computer to get compfortable with it.  Remembering back now, I just loved matipulating the paint, photo and other picture programs.  Today those programs are so much easier, effective and so much more fun to use.

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