April 20, 2012

The Trick to Digging Up dirt on a person - part 2

Many times it is a wonder as to how I know the things that can be uncovered about a person, probably more so than the person that I discovered a secret about is wondering how it was figured it out.  Facebook is my biggest secret giver, for example, people are always asking if there is a way to tell if a person is looking at your profile.  Really believing that there is a way of knowing who is looking at your Facebook profile just by the way Facebook gives you that "People You May Know" suggestion every time you log into your Facebook Account.  Facebook states that this list is random, yet, whenever logging into Facebook the same two to six people are suggested.  Of the seventy-two friends on my personal Facebook account, why are the same people always suggested according to the fact that they have six friends in common with me.  Of my seventy-two friends, a few of my friends-friends have more than six friends in common, one has fourteen in common with me.

Not being a person who communicates directly a whole lot with other people, face to face or even over the internet.  Always being a loner is one of those things that has just always stayed with me, even as a child, reading books, playing solitaire or doing puzzles alone was done to keep myself busy.  Most of the time other children teased me about my family life or my eye problem so keeping to myself, even today, is a preference.  Getting along with others is not a problem today and most of the time people seem to open right up to me but finding out a long time ago that silently watching a person tells me more about who they are than what somebody may say directly in writing or verbally.

One person in particular is right at the top of that suggestion list every time I log into Facebook and this account I know, for a fact, is what can be called the secret stalker account.  Many people have one, it is an account created on Facebook with a made up email account created in AOL or Gmail so that you can look at those profiles that blocked you or possibly you blocked him/her.  Sometimes the person creates a profile picture but many times they do not upload a profile picture, occasionally the individual that has created this Facebook account might even enter some real or made up personal information.

These stalker accounts can tell as much information about a person, even more so, than the person's real Facebook account.  Once you figure out who owns the bogus account many times they may add friends to the list, this list alone can tell you something about the person.  Who their lover is, possibly some type of fetish or maybe even what employees were fired from their company.  Some may suspect that I am find out things by asking other people or that others are giving me information, this is actually not the case.  The person may not realize that they are giving me this information themselves, just by simply being on Facebook.

April 15, 2012

The Haunted Car

The other day my sister, Anne, was driving and saw this antique car sitting on the side of the road broken down.  Thinking how cool the car looked she snapped a picture of it.  Later on while looking over the picture she noticed something in the back seat of the card.  What do you think it could be, a ghost or is it some type of shadow from the trees behind it?

Photography By Anne Mary Nesbitt

No you cannot...no you cannot...no you cannot

You cannot mail a letter to a person asking for money for health insurance that does not exist.

You cannot fake somebodies work.

You cannot make up incidents that never occurred.

You cannot make something that is not a bad thing appear as if it is bad.

You cannot treat people badly just because your name is on a business.

You cannot fire somebody because you "said" they are mentally disturbed.

You cannot tell other employees that another employee is unintelligent, distracted and slow, even if it were true.

You cannot punish someone for exposing the laws that you broke.

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