March 12, 2012


Okay, I will admit that is a really cheesy blog post logo but being in the mood of being a obnoxious cornball today just cannot be helped.  Having that feeling of bitterness for weeks now, it is well deserved so corny be it.

A few of you may think that sneaky message, this past Sunday, was strange.  Trust me, not only did I do myself a favor but one was done for you as well.  Let's just say it was my congratulation present to employee of the week.   Well, actually I fucked up a little so it was owed to you for my big mouth.   Take it from an expert, social networks can really mess things up in an individuals life if the correct caution is not taken.

This post is vague because the evidence because the material obtained needs to be secured.  Google's new Google Cloud has a lot to do with what I was able to get.  Google Cloud allows you to print a web page to Google Docs for future reference...awesome.

Somebody on Facebook private messaged me and called me a puta not long after the ordeal.  Although, hating to admit it, being called a bitch in Spanish is somewhat of a complement.  Now I almost feel like a real life journalist.  If its who I think it is, and the chances it is chu.u.u., that means I've gotten under his skin.

The anonymous commentor in this March third post suggested letting things go.  If stalking the FT Facebook page hadn't been put into motion, this little piece of juicy evidence wouldn't have been discovered.  The lawyer at legal aid also can be thanked for that as well.  If the lawyer hadn't asked me if anybody else at FT was ever written up for using inappropriate language at FT and got away with it, this tidbit could have possibly gone unnoticed.

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