February 04, 2012

#WhenIamTired the doubts start sneaking in

Those fears and doubts are sneaking in because of exhaustion, sleeping to much one day and hardly enough the next.  Somebody told me they would love to see the emails that was sent over to the hearing appeal board for my case.  Maybe they will be copied and pasted into blogposts after Monday, although, the names will have to be changed or blocked out of course.  Those emails do sound crazy but after not sleeping right for the last four months at that point, then the bad productions coming in with the threats of getting written up over it.  Of course there were the days that the E.A.P. was around and that fear she was going to find out about the haunted hayride incident terrified me that that sexual harassment road was going to have to be taken.  Next when the realization that the production reports were not even correct just did me completely in.

Just because I never made any objection to what Dick did on several occasions because of comments made by myself in the past doesn't make it alright for him to do what he did.  In the employee handbook it states in one of the paragraphs that sexual harassment can be considered: such conduct has the purpose to effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.  It appears that Dick was trying to do just that, effect my work performance so that his accusations made in regards of me being distracted was effecting my production and gave him grounds to discharge me for reasons listed in the employee handbook.  What Dick didn't count on was that it wasn't going to effect my work performance and that my production was only going to get better, which is exactly what happened.

In Dick's comment to the appeals board he is accusing me of threatening to hack into the company network, saying in his statement that he was not sure to believe me or not because of my emails.  Does that mean just because he had recently learned of my knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Mathematics at that time made me susceptible to network hacking?  Well Dick, than that must mean every time you see a black man running down the street he did something illegal? 

As posted the other day about the new employee handbook being submitted as evidence was just so typical and only confirmed what was being said about how he will go to any lengths to get his own way, even if that means sending false information to a court...wow.  Although, this time Dick can't say, "It was a mistake" about the employee handbook the way he did when I noticed my productions were incorrect every single time they were given to me at that location by both him and his managers.  How does a business owner say he mistakenly changed the employee handbook that was never received by me, sent it to the unemployment appeals board, after my discharge date?  Who cannot wait to see him weasel his way out of that one say aye!

Sorry for the smart-ass remark, being tired and irritated over the entire situation, along with that strong need to want it to just be done with, so I can move on with my life.  Somebody should not have to go to work, everyday, work hard only be made to feel sick, tired and paranoid.  All over their job security every single day because the owner of the company is a cheap bastard.  My sponsor is pissed at me for the comments I made on this blog and people have a hard time believing the things said.  The knowledge that people who have been employed at FT for some time now do know what is being said on Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics possibly rings some truth to it is comforting.

February 03, 2012

#Nothingfeelsbetterthan catching somebody in the act

Yesterday everything was faxed over, all emails, original handbook that was given to me during my intake at FT and all the production reports.  Can Dick actually make the misconduct stick by re-doing the employee handbook after my discharge from FT, adding new rules and than stating to the unemployment hearing board that I broke the rules as listed in the new handbook?

The initial response when first glancing over the case file freaked me out but upon returning home and re-looking over the copy of the employee handbook a second time that day is when I noticed something was off.  That is when it occurred to me that page six of both handbooks were in fact different, the items underlined at the unemployment hearing board office were not the same as the list in my copy.  The best part is that in the bottom right of both pages of the handbook sent into the hearing appeal board show that the date of issuance is printed on the bottom right corner.  It is a wonder if Dick really thought he could get that one past me...or possibly, that little voice in his head whispering, "she's going to notice it".

In all seriousness though, the need to boast better stop or I'll jinx myself.  How bad would that suck if I lost and had to put that down...nobody would hear from me for days.  The list of questions needed for the hearing are written down and almost complete, and I'm so excited and nervous.

February 02, 2012


Dick is a bully, a big intimidating hot headed bully who probably prefers to hire employees that will be intimidated by the abuse he can put on them.  It would appear that he loves to use his company handbook, screaming tactics and write-ups to try to intimidate people.  Dick also does not like to lose, will most likely cheat to win, even if that means conducting shady shenanigans to get what he wants.

The type of personality Dick portrays is common in people of upper positions, such as a business owner like himself.  If a woman beats Dick at his own game there is going to be hell to pay and those of you who work for him and are reading this...RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!  If I have my way at the Unemployment hearing that following afternoon and all day Tuesday could possibly be the most miserable days for those FT employees.  What tickles me pink is how possibly appears that Dick really does not know how observant I am, even after the entire incident of how I caught the errors in my production reports.  If something like that was caught by me, maybe not so quickly because of the trust put into the company but it was discovered.  Because of that production report incident, as well as the ones related to it afterwards, of course I am going to pick every little thing apart, even documents that are not related to math.

Well, now I am off to fax some documents and do apologize for being so vague about the documents not related to math comment but I do not want to give anything away, yet, it actually is exciting.

#questionsihateanswering - The questions that are unknown

I cannot let anger consume me or it will only screw everything up when the unemployment hearing comes up in a few days.  

In a few days will be the unemployment hearing and I will be answering questions.  What exactly those questions will be asked of me are the unknown #QuestionsIhateAnswering.  What is worse about the whole thing are the untrue questions that are going to be asked of me.  A new calmness has come over me, along with the realization of how I would like to be and who I am grateful not to be.  The thought of being so unhappy with myself, the way Dick is with himself, that making those around me unhappy is the only key to real happiness.

All that can be done is to pray for somebody like Dick, that is not meant in a derogatory way.  Doing so will heal the soul, help to move forward in life and give me the ability to go through with a fair fight in the unemployment hearing room as well.  Praying that honesty will prevail over anger is all that will be needed to get me through this situation along with many other situations that are going to arise in the future.

It is such a mystery as to why anger can consume a person so intensely. Friends of mine are always warning me that letting it take hold of me in such a way can and will be dangerous and they are right.  An employee of FT congratulated me earlier about creating a Blog about Dick and the way he treats his employees.  Looking at pictures of FT employees and how so many of them look so unhappy, including Dick, actually makes my heart feel heavy.  The fact that so many people have to live in fear of losing their position in management for reasons unknown to them has to be a terrible way to live.

February 01, 2012


Does a company owner have to rule with an iron fist to be successful? Why does it feel like bad people prosper the most?

There is this one manager at FT, Mick who was always boasting how he had a key to the office to Britney.  Mick would also make comments to, Joe, a previous manager, whom had been mysteriously demoted like so many others before him.  What Mick may not be accepting was the fact that he wasn't a manager because of his intelligence, which at this point gone from the drugs and alcohol abuse.Dick had possibly made him a manager because he had two important qualities become one.

  • Mick wasn't enrolled in the health plan or had applied for workers compensation like Joe did.
  • He had a felony background, that meant he is willing to do questionable professional activity for Dick.

Taken into account that I thought being on time, honest and hard working were qualities to become a manager, maybe I'm not all that bright either. Yes I am very intelligent, that is why Dick probably wants to choke me.  As mentioned in previous posts, it doesn't matter if what I am saying can't be proven right now. Although, when another employee complains about the same treatment that seed has been planted in advance.

January 31, 2012

The trick of digging up dirt on somebody at no cost

The Internet today is the most amazing way of finding out information on people without ever having to directly communicate with people most of the time.  People do not realize that what they are doing on the Internet is informing, whomever is interested in knowing, what your profession, interests and even dirty little secrets sometimes are.  Doing a simple search can tell a person so much of what is going on, as long as you know how to do that search.

People do not have to notify me on information that is going on a large part of the time.  A good wholesome Google Search is all the detective work needed to dig up information on another person much of the time.  If you are smart enough you can even do this without spending any more than what it costs you to be on the Internet.  There are even websites that allow you to do free searches for license plate ownership, telephone number, emails and address, past and present, and inmate look up by state.  Occasionally, if needed, to do more digging on a person and/or company, a site that you have to pay for will be necessary, such as criminal and credit check backgrounds.  For information that you may want to get more personal information about a person, those pay sites will not give you the dirt you will need.

Social networks are the easiest way of finding out who a person is and what they like to do just by looking at who they friend on sites like FaceBook and Twitter.  Newspaper articles are very helpful, there are news sites that will post obituaries going as far back as nineteen eighty seven.  Those simple little obituaries will tell you who the entire family members are and than the rest is gold from there.

A small company owner can easily be searched by Googling the name of their business and the state their business is located with quotations.  So for example, if you want to find out who I am, just Google "Elizabeth Miscellaneous Topics" or "Bethnesbitt."  Without quotations will give you a larger result but will give you unwanted results along with the search.  If you are really good sometimes all you need is a person's first name and the location of their business.  Recently I was able to obtain the full name of a business owner, the name of the company he was affiliated with and his email address just by doing a search by his first name, the state agency he was contracted through and a different company that was contracted through that same agency.

Of course the search did not give me the actual email address of the business owner but what it did give was a contact email address that was affiliated.  The biggest common thing that companies are notorious of is using the same consistency in an email address.  So an example would be, if the company always uses the first letter of their first name and their full last name before the @ than that is how it is done with almost every employee of that business, i.e. jdoe@gmail.com.  Of course having a impeccable memory and the ability to search the mind for previous conversations and incidents is very helpful as well.

Have fun!

January 30, 2012


Every now and again over these past few weeks those doubts and fears start sneaking into my thoughts. Remembering two things that make the anger return and helps that adrenaline to return.
The two things are:

• When Dick said, on more than one occasion; "I have no problem terminating you, there are plenty of people I can replace you with".

- and -

• How hard I worked, the hours and devotion put in and how the thanks given was to treat me like nothing more than a common piece of trash.

Than I can keep moving forward with the fight. In the first bullet regarding the comment Dick made about replacing me, some little inkling tells me that Dick was warned in the past by some uppers about using that phrase as a threat against employees. If this is so, wouldn't you agree that comment is considered misconduct on his part.

At the age of thirty-nine during such a recession, finding work is hard and limited. Companies look at my track record, especially my age and push my application aside. Now I don't even have a dollar for a bus trip when a call does come in for a job interview. My son is grown and my health, mentally and physically, is good so being eligible for any assistance is out of the question. Am I angry? Yes and all because I walked into a corrupt company that's owner treats employee who have the audacity to apply for the health insurance that is offered. the real kicker is that they even advertise all the wonderful incentives on Craigs list to lure in those new, unsuspecting employees.

One of the #5ThingIHate is #EmployeeMistreatment

Shortly after realizing what Dick was doing by making it look as if I were checking up on him by hanging around the reception area during my breaks and bathroom times.  Changing my schedule and making friends with Diana was actually an accidental smart move.  Now that there was a witness involved, the accusation of insubordination would have been tougher to stick. 

A particualr male employee, Joe, became overly concerned about what Diana and I were doing during our breaks, wanted to know where were we going and what were we talking about.  After questioning us several times on the second day that we took our breaks together I became concerned and confronted one of the supervisors, Rachel, about the behaviour.  Instead of being concerned about the issue her and another supervisor acted as if there was mental issues going on and contacted the E.A.P.  When I explained to the E.A.P. what the real concern was she notified Dick and that is when they took me in for a meeting.

All Dick did about the situation was question me as if I did something wrong, asking me over and over again what happened and than commenting how he and Britney thought I was paranoid and made a comment about how the story kept changing.  It was if I had a right to be concerned, especially since the company hired employees with criminal backgrounds and things like that should be more seriously taken into account.

Next Dick asked me how I was doing work wise and my comment was how it was getting boring, especially since they took me from doing the reception area which consisted of more mult-taking to just doing straight data-entry.  After asking if doing four boxes a day was much, Britney said no and when I asked if thirty-five hundred documents a day was sufficient enough, Dick said I should do more, that he did two-thousand and again I commented that my numbers were between three thousand plus, not knowing at the time they did not count your work by documents but by box.  Than Dick made a comment about my depression and he and Britney looked at each other with a smile on their faces.  Knowing at that point he thought, or was making the assumption, that the depression had to do with the trip to the Great Escape and him bringing his family along, as if nobody knew he had a family in the first place?  After commenting that it had nothing to do with work the meeting ended.

Later that afternoon with what was really making me depressed started weighing on my mind heavily and than becoming upset and crying, I pulled Britney aside and told her about how the Monday following the Great Escape Trip that there had been issues with my son that was still going on.  Now thinking about these situations and many of the others that came up afterwards, such as stated in this previous post, this was just another way of Dick creating situations and than making it seem as if the employee was at fault so that he had reason to discharge them.

January 29, 2012

#WhenIwasAlittleKid - #ThingsMyParentsSaid

Here is a list of things I remember my parents saying #WhenIWasAlittleKid that was and would be confusing to any little kid.  Today when I remember these comments, they actually are quite funny.

My Mother - Quite often one of the five of us would run up to my mother, who was sitting on the couch knitting, jump on the couch and cry out something, while in midair, "MOM WHAT'S FOR DINNER".  Next we would land, with a plop, on our behind onto the couch and one of her knitting needles would get jammed into the back of our thigh.  Sitting there squirming with that look on our face of silent terror on our face, my mother would yank the needle out of our thigh and angrily tell, whomever was the unlucky one that day, "watch where you are sitting".

My father - He drove like a maniac, with both feet at the same time, his left foot on the gas and his right foot on the break, way above the speed limit.  The family car was a small hatchback and all seven of us would cram into it, my mother and father in the front, four of us in the back and one in the hatch.  With the windows rolled up, the heat on and my father speeding and jerking the car my parents would chain smoke and every time I would get carsick.  My father would have to pull over so that I could puke on the side of the road somewhere between Greenwich and Schaghticoke, NY.  Afterwards he would comment that "it's your mother's cooking".  My parents would than begin to argue for the rest of the car trip.

This list will be updated as memories of things my parents said come to me.  What do you remember your parents and/or siblings saying when you where a little kid that seems quite hysterical today when thinking about it?

The memory of my previous job is like removing a #MenstrualStain from my panties

OxiClean is supposed to be able to remove tough stains, even blood but it doesn't remove menstrual blood from your panties, that is a fact.

With the wonderment now that taking a position at FT was possibly a bad career move and maybe it should remove it from my resume.  A previous employee, Paul, who left there told me that he couldn't get over the anxiety of having worked there.  He made a comment in terms that the fifteen hours that he wasn't working at his new job he was thinking about FT and the horrible things they do there but still refused to say what it was.

FT made me ill, mentally, it isn't a joke or me being dramatic, it seriously leaves a bad taste in a person's mouth after being there.  When I had first heard about the rule about no socializing while working or you could get written up, thinking it was a crazy rule in the beginning of my employment with FT, I thought it made sense.  If you were not talking to each other, more work was getting done and the chance for office drama was less.

What never occurred to me was that paranoia creeps into your head and it was so intense when it happened.  The silence, except for the sound of keyboards clicking, now with Dick's sneaky behaviour and how he presented situations without it seeming like he was involved at all has a big hold on it.  For example, writing up a manager for something frivolous so that he/she would be angry and snappy all day at the other employees.  Having another manager make you move to another computer and telling me that they needed me to stay logged into mine for the day so that I felt like something was wrong or that they may be screwing with your work.  That is only a few things that is, unprofessionally, performed at FT and other, past and present,  employees who may be reading this would probably agree.  It became worse during the overtime, a person cannot work ten to twelve hours a day listening to the same music, over and over again, in complete silence.

Never feeling like that at home, yet, once stepping onto the bus and was quarter of a mile away from that building the paranoia left, only to return in full force at seven or eight the next morning, depending on which office it was.  Eventually came the sleepless nights and anxiety about what strange thing was going to happen at work the next day.  My friends and family thought paranoia was effecting me and suggested that I get counseling, until they started hearing the same stories from employees that worked there in the past as well.

Upon confronting Dick about the strangeness going on at FT, he only accused me of being paranoid but never made a serious effort in having me contact the E.A.P.  Dick never even indicated that it seemed to be a serious problem, not even suggesting that a possible medical leave was needed, which is supposed to be done under The Americans With Disabilities Act:Applying Performance And Conduct Standards To Employees With Disabilities.  When I did meet with the E.A.P. about the marijuana situation she did not even suggest medical leave as well, which right there indicates that nobody actually saw me as mentally unstable because these situations were not unheard of or uncommon at FT.

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