January 16, 2012

"How somebody can look in the mirror and feel good about themselves when everyday they do something to hurt other people for their own personal gain out of greed".

Once my completion at the Educational Opportunity Center to earn a certificate as a Medical Information Processing Specialist, it was so that life could be easier and better for my son and I.  Being young and ignorant I made many mistakes and know that today.  After going from office job to office job at first the thought of just doing a simple job as a cashier in a department store or even maybe some labor work in a factory would suffice.  Because of the years of education experience and hands on in the corporate world places like Stewarts and Sealy Mattress just looked at my credentials and pushed them aside.

Now here it is fifteen plus years later and the economy is bad so I take the suggestion of friends and family and go back to applying for office positions.  Quickly something turned up and I was back behind the computer three days after the interview.  This time was going to be different, my son is now grown, my life has taken a different turn and I was going to work on my career so that when retirement rolled around life would be enjoyable.  At first happiness was right there at my fingertips, work was good and life was finally coming together until one day it just came crashing down around me.

Back in July when I came into work as usual they told me that for a little while somebody else was going to do the reception area, being told that it was nothing I did and that my work was fine that my skills were needed for typing.  Making the best of it and working even harder that distinctive feeling that something was just off still lingered.  Strange things at work started to happen and the harder I worked the stranger it got.  A few times I asked the managers if everything was okay and was told it was but still unconvinced, working harder and producing more work the feelings were not getting any better.  In the second week of October when they moved me to the other office and told me it was my production dropped, even though the necessary procedures were never addressed when somebody production dropped at the company my feelings were confirmed, something was off and nobody was admitting to it.

Over the weekend while going over the pay stubs from the last nine months, the unemployment determination and the company handbook it all came together.  It was nothing I did that was legally rectified in terminating an employee for but the possibility that money issues was a problem and the company my be looking at debts that has nothing to do with any of the employees who are being wrongfully punished.  Also, it came to my attention that the health insurance was supposed to cover me two weeks past the end of my last pay period or should have never been deducted from my last paycheck.

A friend said maybe it was a mistake, yet, there are three known, documented errors, that is just one too many mistakes made. Three questionable mistakes just looks more questionable than erroneous. 

What makes a person ponder is the people who think this type of behaviour is acceptable.  Does somebody with money who takes from those fortunate know it is wrong?  Do they feel any remorse, what goes through their mind and how do they look in the mirror and accept the reflection looking back at them?

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