January 14, 2012

It's not what can't be proved but the paper trails that leave evidence behind that can be proved!

"Numbers and paper trails everywhere".

Last evening, walking to a meeting, some things dawned on me when it came to my health insurance from my previous employer.  Maybe somebody can shed some light on the situation because this is what is baffling me.  If my health insurance kicked in on October 1st, the deductions were taken out from September 17 - December 23, although, I was covered from October 1 - December 23 does it seem that I was over charged?  According to my calculations the coverage should have carried two weeks after December 23 or the deduction should have started on the pay period of October 1st - October 14.  That means payment was paid for six pay periods but coverage only lasted for four.

Also, while going over what the Unemployment's determination says and the earnings of my past paychecks total just does not make sense.  Monday I will call unemployment to see where they got those calculations from, they have a form on their website to request a reconsideration, just my luck, it has to be sent in before the twentieth to be received by the twentieth.  It probably is a good idea to also call the lawyer about my upcoming meeting and see if these issues need to be addressed, along with a few other ones.

My ego is a bit hurt over the situation, really, did my last employer actually believe that I was so unintelligent hat it would never be figured out?  Maybe because he is so used to dealing with, as well as making a point of hiring, people that are not very bright that he just went the wrong way in dealing with me.  The other day an ex co-worker posted on their Facebook something that just was not witty and the first thought was, "they are in management", sorry, that was so uncalled for.

At least everything needed is pulled together for my appointment with the lawyer.  At one time I would have been scrambling all over the place looking for this and that.

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An afterthought, could it be the cost pro-rated for COBRA?  The amounts for the cost of Vision and CDPHP are the same amounts that were taken out bi-weekly, but and extra twenty dollars was taken out for dental.  The dentist called to confirm my appointment made for the twenty-first of December but I had to cancel because my dental coverage was canceled according to their records.  CDPHP also sent me a letter telling me that my coverage was canceled as of December 23, 2011 but nothing has come stating that my COBRA coverage was in effect as of February 4, 2012. -end

January 12, 2012

How honest are you?

"When do we have to sit back and think about that? How honest are we and when are we dishonest is the question. Where does a person draw the line between good and bad is a tough concept to look at but if you can, that makes you the better person".  

While still active in my drug and alcohol addiction, honesty was important, although, it was practiced correctly. Thinking that working in my boyfriends grocery not stealing from him and making sure not to rip off the customers made a good person. What I did not look at was what lengths it took to support my habit.  A few years ago I used to make bootleg movies and sell them on the streets or through friends businesses. It was good money, even if it was being spent on drugs. At one point, during unemployment, stealing the DVDs began. I would lift them, make the movie and resell them. At the time, convinced that it would stop and the money would be used to start purchasing them, it didn't happen.  To make amends for what was done, now whenever possible I donate anonymously to one of the causes that these merchants offer. When they ask if I would like to give a dollar for breast cancer or one of those other organizations and just sign anonymous or the merchants name to the four leaf paper clover.

Sure you may think this is horrible but if you look at what you have done in the past that was dishonest you will realize that you aren't any better than me. Take in account a business owner that hires mostly people on public assistance or disability. We know that the company gets a tax break, yet, if he fires the one who is ineligible for government benefits after a period of time because of their income and they need health insurance, that the company offers.

When is he a good person or was he ever generous? Does giving somebody a chance because it makes him "look" good mean he is really a kind person? Do you think a person who gives a woman with a disability a job for his own personal profit a good person? What are your thoughts or comments on this subject?
Share your own experience and comments below, I would love to hear from you.

January 11, 2012

New Updates - Redid my retweet, facebook like and Google Buzz buttons

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: Just updated the post to add a Facebook login button to your google blog

After some searching the net I finally found a site where I can redo my social networking sharing buttons. Now that google has it's own social network, something like facebook, it was obvious that a +1 button was needed. Now the buttons are at the bottom of my blog post, hopefully this will get me more reactions than at the top. Most people will read a post and not scroll back to the top to retweet, +1 or like it.

On the left you can see that there is now a twitter follow me icon and at the top is a page counter, some new features that Google added since I last blogged. Later I will add to my Elizabeth's Wiki Blog on how to add the buttons to your blog the way they are at the bottom of this post. That blog is also updated as well with a new layout that was offered by Google's Blogger Templates. It looks so much neater and my Facebook Login Button is working there now. If some of you are having problems with the button working and are not great with html coding, it probably would be a good idea to just reset your blog layout to clear out all of that code that you cannot remember where or what you added over a year ago.

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: Are employers offering health insurance treating those employees that opt in fairly?

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: Are employers offering health insurance treating those employees that opt in fairly?

The other day while preparing to meet with a lawyer about my hearing with Unemployment, I was looking over the production reports presented over the twenty-four weeks that I was at the new location of my previous employer. You have heard about how people have the same type of routine when they make mistakes, such as, a thief might prefer to rob 7-elevens or a serial killer targets specific profiles of their victims. How the errors where done is still a mystery to me but now it is obvious that the manager who gave me the report had no idea at the time.

Anyways, the discovery was that the errors do have something in common and the only solution as to how it was decided to enter the mistakes is that the numbers were just put in randomly, because, there just is no other sensible mathematical solution. On the days my work flow was lower was how they figured making the percentages less, this way when looking at the spreadsheet at a glance, you would not notice the mistakes. The days I worked more hours but did less work was the days that they made my production look lower than it really was. This just makes me think that the days my work was lower was because:

A. They gave me a higher volume of work so that I could not meet my production goal
B. Somebody subtracted the amount of work actually done to make it look lower than it really was

Both A and B are a probable because one day I kept track of how much was done and it was much higher than what was given to me the following week. Also, there were days that I was given a higher amount of work that could not be done to meet the production and I knew it. The knowledge that they weren't wasn't the only one came to me once they knew they were not dealing with another dumb broad.

Just updated the post to add a Facebook login button to your google blog

It took half of the night and, finally, the Facebook login button works.  Really being annoyed with myself after going through all the frustration of trying to get the Facebook Login Button to work with my google blog.  All I had to simply do was just be patient and wait for the servers to update so that the button would work, as you can see from the left, it works!

I'm happy to be blogging again and even happier that it is much better to do from a cell phone via emailing posts to my google blog.  Now when I get the urge to write something, instead of bugging somebody with an email I can bug my Google blog with an email/post. If you are interested in adding a facebook login button to your own Google Blog, click here for three easy steps.

January 10, 2012

Getting restarted with my blogging

After being up until four in the morning redoing my blog, this afternoon I made some new changes to the background.  The flower on the left is my logo, for now, probably will change it but am trying to think of something of my own to create from scratch.

Also went to no-ip and updated my free redirects, so now http://moneyblog.hopto.org and http://myhowtogoogle.serveblog.net is active again.  The http://hottopics.hopto.org that redirects to this site never expired, probably because this site actually was visited the most and it keeps the free advertising for them going.  Now all that is needed is to add the FaceBook Login Button, hopefully that works better than it did a few years ago on blogger.  Click here to read an article I did on how to integrate a FaceBook login button on a Google Blog.  FaceBook has some new features in networked blogs and with Google social network the +1 button is great for getting people to visit my site by one upping their sites on google

There are hundreds of posts on this blog that I was debating on getting rid of and for some reason I cared so much about in 09' and 10' that doesn't matter so much now.  People seem to keep coming here to read it though, so I may as well keep it since it has kept the site going all this time I have been inactively using it.

January 09, 2012

Using Your cell phone to blog and earning money at the same time

Ideas About Starting A home based business from Blogs
Tonight I just linked my Blackberry to post to this blog. Since owning this blog but not posting for quite some time, I decided to give it a go.

Since there is a Google Adsense account in place with my several BLOGS, I thought, why not start making money with FaceBook and post comment to my BLOGS and than let BLOGGER post them to FaceBook using good old TwitterFeed. (Click here to read about twitterfeed)

I love posting on facebook how my day is going or simply how I am feeling using my own personal quotes and what better place to do it.
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