September 20, 2012

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: #Dealing - which is harsher, human or dogs?

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: #Dealing - which is harsher, human or dogs?

Later the evening following the above post, Balls had to be put down.  Barry had to tell the Sheriff what happened, since the possibility that the hog may day, as well as, the fact that this was the second known incident.  Things around here, regarding putting down an animal is much more brutal that one would normally be used to.  Mistakenly I had said Balls was an Antonion/Shepard mix, which was corrected in the post, he was actually a Great Pyrenees/German Shepard.  The Shepard in him made him more aggressive, overtaking the Pyrenees side, this was a heartbreaking case.

That same night, now that the evenings are much cooler and the air conditioning isn't running, I heard a coyote barking/howling for the first time.  The other dogs on the farm were chasing them off, new noises to get used to.  A coyote's bark/howl has a much higher pitch than your typical farm/house dog.  Usually Peggy Sue, a smaller dog sense them and is the first to warn, than the other dogs follow suit.  Last night one of the coyotes did something, she ran back yelping.  There is a bigger female dog that recently found her way to the farm after being abandoned   She just has a litter of pups a few weeks ago so usually she does not leave the pups to ward off the coyotes.  After she heard Peggy Sue yelping though, she went crazy, that dog is very protective of the other dogs I have noticed.

Today I am taking anything of importance with me to Barry's, until my divorce is finalized, than the rest of my belongings will be picked up.  Mainly a few items of clothing and the computer, telling Barry last night that having my things sitting at somebody else's residence was unnerving me.  Now if it were a family member or a close enough friend whereas one could feel comfortable leaving their belongings behind, this is not the case in my situation.

Also, like stated in past posts, knowing that there was a good possibility that the NYS Labor Department Appeal board was going to deny my case, a letter was sent notifying them that I wished to bring it before the Third Appellate of the Supreme court.  This time with nine months to prepare my statement, this should give me plenty of time to submit a better argument.  One lawyer said, "good", bringing the case to nonprejudicial source should give a better opportunity for someone on the outside to hear my case.  Upon talking with this same lawyer, when bringing to her attention the fact that the December fifth write up was edited without my acknowledgement, as well as, the fact that the questionable witness was entered as being present during the February sixth hearing, when he was in fact never present in that hearing room, is enough to, hopefully, strengthen my argument.
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