May 06, 2012


I killed the wabbit!

In this case it was a squirrel.

A few months back I wrote this post about an annoying squirrel that had been living my ceiling, which is also the floor of the apartment bedroom. Lately this little pest was even more annoying then ever. The damage it has done is probably astronomical.

Most people will comment, that includes most of those reading this post, "awe but squirrels are so cute." When you wake up one night, to the smell of smoke, because a squirrel chewed through a wire, leaving it exposed. Next that wire catches fire, then you can talk to me about adorable. The only difference between squirrels, rats and mice are that squirrel crap is bigger.

After seeing a video like the one below, an idea came over me as to how to get rid of this pest. My son told me what the trick was to get a squirrel`s head stuck in a cup. He said it was a peanutbutter trick that he and hIs friends did all the time. You simply put some peanutbutter in the bottom of a cup and the squirrel can't resist, they love peanutbutter.

What I did was took a dixiecup and put a dab of peanutbutter in the bottom of the cup. Next, leaving the cup on my bedroom windowsill, the outside part, two things were possible to happen:

1. The squirrel would get it`s head stuck in the cup, hop around on the roof until it hopped right off into the yard. Then hopefully the stay cat that lives in the yard woud eat it so nobody had to dispose of the dead carcass .

2. The cup would roll off the roof, either from a breeze or when the squirrel knocked it over. The squirrel would hopefully jump down into the yard, get it`s head stuck in the cup, hop around and then the stray cat would pounce on it and eat it.

Well I think it worked because the cup is in the yard, torn in half, it has been peaceful all day. As for the squirrel, I have not seen or heard from it for more then twenty-four hours.

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