April 23, 2012

Do spiders have feelings?

Last night deciding to move the dresser to see if better reception would come in through the Digital TV Converter box a spider web ended up getting disrupted that was behind the dresser.  Not thinking much of it and finishing with the rearranging, I went downstairs, prepared my dinner and went back upstairs to eat and watch something on television.

45_ac8e96638931292294ef3f13ec5f6402While finishing up with eating my meal and happening to look over at the corner of the bed was this great big spider, just sitting there looking at me and wiggling her front legs.  It appeared as if she was either really pissed or really confused and was asking me why did I disrupt her home.  Being a believer that killing spiders is bad luck I went downstairs and waited until she was gone.  An hour later she was no longer on the bed but it did make me wonder if spiders do have feelings.  The fact that this little lady came up on the edge of my bed, stood there next to me and just stared at me while I was eating dinner and watching TV was quite unnerving.  At the same time it made me feel as if there was another occupant in my home and that we shared the same space, which is okay by both of us as long as we do not disturb one another.

The reason for the superstition of killing spiders as being bad luck is something told to me when I was a teenager.  Spiders kill and eat all types of bugs, this includes the ones that carry disease, such as, flies and mosquitoes.
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