April 02, 2012

Digital Business Card everywhere

This one took me about a day to create, it is cute, not sure about but some suggestions are welcomed:

Click to see actual business card

The idea came to me while redoing my last banner, the layout anyways now it's time to work on my next one.  Looking at something in terms of getting the attention of those sports fans is my next project.  My greatest fear is running out of ideas, so far they are flowing one after the other, yet every now and than a mental block grabs a hold of me and it scares me that the ideas will just stop.  The need for more business card samples are needed to post so that site can move to the top of the search engines is important.

Knowing, now, what it feels like when an artist express their unhappiness with their work, it is difficult to ever be really happy with a piece when it is complete.  It never is actually ever complete, such as when Mozart and Picasso never finished their work.  This is because, you, the creator of the work notices every single flaw and will constantly go back to fix it and change it over and over again, leaving you still quite not satisfied with your work.  It is utter and complete torture but when something new comes to mind it helps a great deal in feeling better about the projects being worked on. 
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