April 23, 2012

Being provoked in unhappiness is misconduct

Unable to not be really upset and angry is tough and all the while trying to not feel so irate it will not go away.  Things just do not make sense, especially the way a process work for the unemployment appeal board.  This is an example of how the appeal works:

  1. The employer's representative was able to review the hearing transcript between the dates of  03/12/12 to 03/25/12 one time.
  2. The claimant, meaning me, received a response to review the hearing transcript, one time, from 03/27/12 to 04/11/12
  3. The employer's representative sent in a statement to the Unemployment Appeal board on 04/02/12
  4. I sent statement in on 04/11/12 which is also counted as a response and statement from myself in response to the employer's representative on 04/02/12.  Only one statement and response is allowed per party.
  5. The employer's representative responded to my statement on 04/19/12 because she sent her statement in first it does not count as a response because my statement had not been received prior to her statement..
  6. I cannot respond to the representative's response because I already responded to her 04/02/12 statement and sent in my statement after hers so that means I used up all my chances.
So this means that a individual was dissatisfied with their employer because it is completely legal to hand out false production reports, belittle the employee for the production being low when it was never bad to begin with.  Next the employer is aloud to put them down when the employee finds out that their production is low and that the company is just corrupt.  So an employer is legally aloud to hand out production reports, belittle, put down, lie and perjurer the court, yet, the employee is not aloud to be dissatisfied because this is misconduct.  

Being unhappy at the way your employer is treating you and than saying "FUCK", even though it was not directed at the person, is misconduct because of the timing it all happened.  Now, if I said "FUCK" after tripping over a unsafe keyboard wire, smack my head on the corner of the desk and bleed all over the floor.  Would this also be considered misconduct as well because I was unhappy with my employer for leaving a wire exposed unsafely?
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