March 25, 2012

#WhatImCurrentlyDoing - Starting a business of my own

If I am so intelligent, why do I feel so ignorant? Over the past week while working on creating Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards business website, those doubts sneak in on occasion, will I be able to do this, can it work and who might be interested in digital business cards keeps whirling around in my head. hERE is version three of the website that has been banner created by me:
Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards Banner
This is impressive for somebody who has never created an animated gif image ever in their entire life, than simply sits down reads some quick instructions and than figures the rest out for themselves just by playing around.  So why does it feel like I am not very smart, thirty-nine years old, broke, can't keep a job even when the last time around I actually really tried.

This new idea of mine is creating Digital Business Cards with icons that are clickable to your FaceBook page, website and sending emails.  Giving up is going to be tough fight, something always done in the past because it was just to difficult to keep doing.  Although, some of the business cards are quite slick and taking a look at them is a reminder of what could be possibly successful.  Here is the one for Elizabeth's Digital Business Card website:

The icons are all hyperlink ready, try one, they will bring the user directly to each of the social networks and website.  A couple of people were impressed with the idea, one friend of mine, before an AA meeting last week, mentioned how she couldn't stop thinking about the Digital Business Card idea throughout half of the meeting.  That helped give with some encouragement that it just might work and be profitable.  Creating the digital business cards also allows me to put into use all of those things that I enjoy doing, math, computers, art and writing.
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