March 30, 2012

#WeirdFactAboutMe - I can swallow my tongue

Well not really but it appears as if it is being done because the frenulum lingual frenulum under my tongue is missing.  What is a frenulum you ask?  It is the membrane, a thin tissue, under you tongue that holds your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.  At about the age of four years, wanting to see if I could touch my tonsils and becoming obsessed with trying to accomplish that ended in the tearing of my frenulum, which was very painful.  So now today the frenulum under my tongue is gone enabling me to stick my tongue all the way back in my mouth making it appear as if there is no tongue at all, want to see?

So there you have it, it appears as if I am swallowing my tongue but really all that is happening is the tongue is in the back of my throat so you cannot see it, pretty cool huh?

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