March 22, 2012

Starting my business with $10 and a dream!

This past weekend after doing some fiddling around in I accidentally created a Hyperlink friendly Digital Business Card.  Originally the business card was going to be created like any other ordinary business card so that it could be shared, emailed and previewed on my blogs.  Than this thought occurred to me, why not create a business card that allows users to visit my website by clicking on an icon.  This came to me after typing in my email address and clicking enter, as some of you may know when you do this in Microsoft Word, upon hitting the enter key it automatically creates a hyperlink.

After some research there are already, digital online business cards, except they are exactly like the business card that companies hand out.  The only difference is that they are shared from computer to computer with nothing special about them.  So for ten bucks I bought my first URL,, now know as Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards.  Why not give it a shot, it doesn't cost me any more than the ten bucks spent for the URL, everything else is free since the knowledge of using computers, pirate free, was self taught over the years.

This gives me the opportunity to use all of my skills in one shot, designing, mathematics and computers.  Of course it is scary but than again, what is there to lose but only ten whole dollars.  The night before last I sat down and taught myself how to create my first banner using Gimp.  It took just over a day but it is complete, check it out:

Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards
My Updated Banner - V.2

It of course isn't not quite complete yet, the only thing that is not one of my best skills is advertising campaign slogans.  When people see that banner it is suppose to give them an idea of what is being sold but I am unsure if it is clear to them.  This is because it's my idea and most of the time speaking in my computer language is confusing to others.  On just blurting out something about computer code people will look at me strangely, as if to say, what?  Of course than you get the jerks that try to say I'm crazy because they do not understand what is being said.  Why they do this is still somewhat unclear, is it that a person thinks what is being said makes absolutely no sense to them and that is considered mentally insane or are they just being jerks.
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