March 26, 2012

Just What are New York State Funded Contractors all about?

Cuomo Limits State Money for Salaries of Contractors

What this means is that when a company is contracted through New York State, they are required to provide health insurance and occasionally other state like benefits, just like any other company that hires employees through government contracts.  One such company that New Yorkers may be familiar with is Health Research Inc (HRI).  That means these contractors, like FT for example, is given a certain amount of money that goes towards "Health Insurance" premiums and well "earned raises" for employees.

This does not mean the money is to be used to pay for monthly employee function, raffle gifts and extravagant Christmas parties.  When a company is doing these things, that does not necessarily mean the business is doing something good.  If a company thinks they are pleasing an employee over watching the Smurfs in 3D in theaters or watching a Fire Engine run over a mound of gas soaked dirt, think again.  In life there are much more important things, such as, having coverage for you and your family, a decent pair of glasses so that, you as an individual, can productively work, as well as, dental work for self confidence.

If a company is blatantly terminating individuals over the simple fact that they are opting into the health coverage plan that is offered, especially a company that is funded to provide this service, than something is seriously wrong.  What makes that worse is when a company is creates bearings so that it may appear that an employee ineligible for unemployment insurance to keep costs down.  In my opinion, this could be considered a corrupt company and makes the entire system look bad as well.  

Lets take a look at when this same corporation hires a new employee, whom is also on public assistance, only to discharge them shortly after the employee is no longer eligible for assistance and starts considering getting health insurance. Now that same employer turns around and has the last employee they just discharged replaced with somebody who was in the same boat as they were, only to do the same thing again and the circle begins.  We are in a state of terrible economic failure, yet, companies like FT are discharging their workers for possibly not very legitimate reasons for profit.  Another way of looking at this technique could be considered a legalized version of welfare and tax fraud.  The government will throw one individual in jail for stealing thousands of dollars from the welfare system but allow a corporation to hire and fire employees on public assistance for profitable gain because in the United States we have what is called "at will employment".

Agreeably, hiring individuals with disabilities does help them gain courage and takes a strain off the system.  What most people do not realize though is that companies that do hire people who are receiving some type of public assistance and SSI receive certain amount of a tax break.  One such example is called "Financial Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities". 
As for Obama's health plan, I am all for it.  This could potentially mean health laws will tighten the reins on a system that is run like this, forcing companies like FT to allow their employees to have the well deserved benefits.  New York State has somewhat of that system Obama is pushing for.  Obama's plan is very beneficial, not to mention the jobs it will create.  An example of Obama's plan is that companies with fifty plus employees will have to provide health insurance, and if an employee receive medicaid than the employer has to pay $2,000 .
Somewhere down the line the system is paying out of pocket, if it is Social Security, Welfare or the IRS.  So if you go into a job to better your life, take a strain off the welfare system and try to accomplished something in your life, only to be fired, where is the good in that?   Does this really help our money problems in America by throwing people back into the welfare system just so they can afford to have an all expense paid trip to the Great Escape?
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