February 04, 2012

#WhenIamTired the doubts start sneaking in

Those fears and doubts are sneaking in because of exhaustion, sleeping to much one day and hardly enough the next.  Somebody told me they would love to see the emails that was sent over to the hearing appeal board for my case.  Maybe they will be copied and pasted into blogposts after Monday, although, the names will have to be changed or blocked out of course.  Those emails do sound crazy but after not sleeping right for the last four months at that point, then the bad productions coming in with the threats of getting written up over it.  Of course there were the days that the E.A.P. was around and that fear she was going to find out about the haunted hayride incident terrified me that that sexual harassment road was going to have to be taken.  Next when the realization that the production reports were not even correct just did me completely in.

Just because I never made any objection to what Dick did on several occasions because of comments made by myself in the past doesn't make it alright for him to do what he did.  In the employee handbook it states in one of the paragraphs that sexual harassment can be considered: such conduct has the purpose to effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.  It appears that Dick was trying to do just that, effect my work performance so that his accusations made in regards of me being distracted was effecting my production and gave him grounds to discharge me for reasons listed in the employee handbook.  What Dick didn't count on was that it wasn't going to effect my work performance and that my production was only going to get better, which is exactly what happened.

In Dick's comment to the appeals board he is accusing me of threatening to hack into the company network, saying in his statement that he was not sure to believe me or not because of my emails.  Does that mean just because he had recently learned of my knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Mathematics at that time made me susceptible to network hacking?  Well Dick, than that must mean every time you see a black man running down the street he did something illegal? 

As posted the other day about the new employee handbook being submitted as evidence was just so typical and only confirmed what was being said about how he will go to any lengths to get his own way, even if that means sending false information to a court...wow.  Although, this time Dick can't say, "It was a mistake" about the employee handbook the way he did when I noticed my productions were incorrect every single time they were given to me at that location by both him and his managers.  How does a business owner say he mistakenly changed the employee handbook that was never received by me, sent it to the unemployment appeals board, after my discharge date?  Who cannot wait to see him weasel his way out of that one say aye!

Sorry for the smart-ass remark, being tired and irritated over the entire situation, along with that strong need to want it to just be done with, so I can move on with my life.  Somebody should not have to go to work, everyday, work hard only be made to feel sick, tired and paranoid.  All over their job security every single day because the owner of the company is a cheap bastard.  My sponsor is pissed at me for the comments I made on this blog and people have a hard time believing the things said.  The knowledge that people who have been employed at FT for some time now do know what is being said on Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics possibly rings some truth to it is comforting.
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