February 11, 2012


Really, it is interesting, doing somebodies taxes, writing legal statements and looking over emails.  Another thing that I personally love is electronics, while at a past interview the interviewer asked what was interesting about computers.  My comment was that the knowledge just came naturally to me, somebody could hand me a cellphone that just came into the market and ask me to program it for them which is easily done without a manual.  It's the boredom that gets to me, sitting in front of a telephone waiting for it to ring will eat me away.

My knowledge of computer software is what really helped through this entire ordeal with unemployment.  With a limited income now that I am unemployed, the importance in cutting corners when submitting evidence for the hearing was critical.  If it hadn't been for Linux/Ubuntu implemented features that are offered,  the ability to what I can do today such as, creating a resume, faxing information for free and bringing in a small income would have been limited.  A personal favorite software program offered on Ubuntu is Gimp Image Editor.  The images posted on my blogs are usually edited by me, my favorite format is a transparent *.png file.  They look so nice and decorative next to each blog post.

 On Elizabeth's Blogger Wikis I am going to write a couple tutorials on converting an email to an adobe pdf file using a couple different techniques that have worked for me in the past.  FaxZero's free online faxing service allows you to fax so many times a day for free and supports *.pdf, *.doc and *.html.  The tutorial will be for those who are using Linux/Ubuntu or are interested in learning more about it.

Something thing that has been a goal of mine is to learn is how to send a fax via an personal email account without having to pay.  There are some sites that give you somewhat of an idea and swear it works but I haven't had luck with it yet.
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