February 18, 2012

Today that feeling of self pity and wanting to just burst into tears is shadowing me throughout the day. Today that feeling of self pity and wanting to just burst into tears is shadowing me throughout the day. Today that feeling of self pity and wanting to just burst into tears is shadowing me throughout the day.

In the beginning of employment, for the first five months as a matter of fact, I was happy, enjoyed the job and looked forward to going in everyday.  Then one day my attitude took a turn for the worse and so did my work performance, without my knowledge of it.  It all just changed because Dick said so and what Dick says is as good as the word of GOD.

The management and owner at my last place of employment made me unhappy and it was done intentionally.  Dick first saying that it was because of low production was the reason as taking me off the front desk and than exaggerating situations that were not even that bad to begin with.  One day after being employed at FT for eight months, I got out of bed, went to work and started swearing, disrupting and threatening employees.  This has to be true because the managers said so and wrote notes all about it, even though there are emails saying that I was not suspected of any of these behaviors and that it is because of low production, distractions and needing to focus.

Now why they were following me around makes more sense now that it did than, it wasn't because they suspected me of doing something, it was because they were looking for a reason to write me up for discharge.  Now here is going to come some inappropriate language, "WHAT THE FUCK?"  Who does that type of shit?  Follows employees around searching for reasons to write them up, making the employee feel distraught and unhappy every single day they come to work.  Than when the employee has the audacity to retaliate and try to fix the situation, they become a problem employee?  Is that how things are run Dick?  Is there such a shortage of work that your management has time to follow employees around to seek and/or create bad situations that were never in place from the begging?

There was never an issue, even management at the original office told me so and also said if there was an issue they would talk to me.  So first the company has to set forth with a problem by, fabricating production reports, click to view the ones here and here, and managers writing notes to Dick that make me appear as if I was being disruptive.  Here is the first email that was sent to Dick, two of his administrators and the E.A.P., back on the 23rd of November.  This was because of the November 17th incident, see this post to read more, people were acting funny towards me all day.  On December 4th, the day before I suddenly became violent, this email was sent with the following response from Dick.

Suddenly on December 5th, the day after the December 4th email, since there was no suspicion of me breaking any of those rules listed, a problem was created.  First by making Beth violent and threatening by not fixing the production report, creating anxiety so that Beth has a tough time concentrating on her work and than writing her up without any real explanation as to why.  Oh yes but lets not forget about the notes that we never shown to Beth that will magically appear in the NYS Department of Labor hearing file so that Beth can get hit with Gross misconduct and would not be eligible for COBRA.

So now I am appealing the decision because nobody has a right to cause distress and unhappiness to a person, than accuse them of it being a feeling of dissatisfaction.  It was not dissatisfaction, it was stress and anxiety that was intentionally caused from my employer without any legitimate explanation.  As for the marijuana incident, today I believe more that it was created by him to try to make me appear paranoid.  Unfortunately for Dick, approaching the marijuana situation it in the correct manor fucked up whatever ulterior motive Dick had in the first place.
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