February 01, 2012


Does a company owner have to rule with an iron fist to be successful? Why does it feel like bad people prosper the most?

There is this one manager at FT, Mick who was always boasting how he had a key to the office to Britney.  Mick would also make comments to, Joe, a previous manager, whom had been mysteriously demoted like so many others before him.  What Mick may not be accepting was the fact that he wasn't a manager because of his intelligence, which at this point gone from the drugs and alcohol abuse.Dick had possibly made him a manager because he had two important qualities become one.

  • Mick wasn't enrolled in the health plan or had applied for workers compensation like Joe did.
  • He had a felony background, that meant he is willing to do questionable professional activity for Dick.

Taken into account that I thought being on time, honest and hard working were qualities to become a manager, maybe I'm not all that bright either. Yes I am very intelligent, that is why Dick probably wants to choke me.  As mentioned in previous posts, it doesn't matter if what I am saying can't be proven right now. Although, when another employee complains about the same treatment that seed has been planted in advance.
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