February 05, 2012


Where do you see yourself in five years...THE FUTURE!!!!

The employee handbook is probably better known to me since my "discharge" from FTP better than Dick and the employees who recreated it.  The section about THE FUTURE in that handbook is a hoot.  In my last post instead of the smart comment about a black man running, that was really uncalled for, the question should have been in terms of my ability being able to do more that was above and beyond my job performance at FT.

At the Christmas party all I wanted was my intelligence, education and skills to be recognized, instead my comment about "Internet" was changed into the word "network" and than made to be something it wasn't.  What exactly is that supposed to mean than?  Does it mean my skills are only good for one thing, illegal activity?  Is a FT employee who is doing just data entry all day not allowed to let it be known that they are qualified to do more than just typing all day for a company that is "supposedly" moving forward and growing larger?  People keep telling me that I should try for IT jobs but look what happened when I tried to make my IT skills be know.  The owner of the company falsely accused me of threatening, gave me production reports incorrect and made me look like an incompetent dumb broad.

The emails sent stating that the production reports were wrong and it the mistakes in those reports did not look like mistake to me, they looked more intentional.  This gave Dick good reason to believe I might hack the company network, because of the recreated spreadsheet attached in the email with the correct formulas?  One such formula that was corrected in my spreadsheet was how to get rid of the #DIV/0 error that shows up when you try to divide by zero in excel formulas.  Oh goodness the woman is smarter than Dick's IT guy, this must mean she is a hacker!

So Dick has good reason to believe a person might hack the network because of their emails sent to him stating how the math in the production report should have been entered in an excel spreadsheet, that just sounds more prejudice wouldn't you say?  If you hoover your mouse over the word prejudice it gives the definition, you better be careful though the word prejudice might eat your mouse courser.
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