February 02, 2012

#questionsihateanswering - The questions that are unknown

I cannot let anger consume me or it will only screw everything up when the unemployment hearing comes up in a few days.  

In a few days will be the unemployment hearing and I will be answering questions.  What exactly those questions will be asked of me are the unknown #QuestionsIhateAnswering.  What is worse about the whole thing are the untrue questions that are going to be asked of me.  A new calmness has come over me, along with the realization of how I would like to be and who I am grateful not to be.  The thought of being so unhappy with myself, the way Dick is with himself, that making those around me unhappy is the only key to real happiness.

All that can be done is to pray for somebody like Dick, that is not meant in a derogatory way.  Doing so will heal the soul, help to move forward in life and give me the ability to go through with a fair fight in the unemployment hearing room as well.  Praying that honesty will prevail over anger is all that will be needed to get me through this situation along with many other situations that are going to arise in the future.

It is such a mystery as to why anger can consume a person so intensely. Friends of mine are always warning me that letting it take hold of me in such a way can and will be dangerous and they are right.  An employee of FT congratulated me earlier about creating a Blog about Dick and the way he treats his employees.  Looking at pictures of FT employees and how so many of them look so unhappy, including Dick, actually makes my heart feel heavy.  The fact that so many people have to live in fear of losing their position in management for reasons unknown to them has to be a terrible way to live.
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