February 03, 2012

#Nothingfeelsbetterthan catching somebody in the act

Yesterday everything was faxed over, all emails, original handbook that was given to me during my intake at FT and all the production reports.  Can Dick actually make the misconduct stick by re-doing the employee handbook after my discharge from FT, adding new rules and than stating to the unemployment hearing board that I broke the rules as listed in the new handbook?

The initial response when first glancing over the case file freaked me out but upon returning home and re-looking over the copy of the employee handbook a second time that day is when I noticed something was off.  That is when it occurred to me that page six of both handbooks were in fact different, the items underlined at the unemployment hearing board office were not the same as the list in my copy.  The best part is that in the bottom right of both pages of the handbook sent into the hearing appeal board show that the date of issuance is printed on the bottom right corner.  It is a wonder if Dick really thought he could get that one past me...or possibly, that little voice in his head whispering, "she's going to notice it".

In all seriousness though, the need to boast better stop or I'll jinx myself.  How bad would that suck if I lost and had to put that down...nobody would hear from me for days.  The list of questions needed for the hearing are written down and almost complete, and I'm so excited and nervous.
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