February 07, 2012

#LifeGoesOn...The loser who moves on is really the winner

The denial came in and such as life time to now move on and look for a job where the employer treats their employees fairly and decently.  I'm thinking about appealing the decision, although it has to really be thought over before my mind is made up.

Even though it did not go my way one thing is for sure, if Dick ever tries to pull the bad production card on an employee who's production may not be low, hopefully the Labor Department will take my case into consideration.  Also, maybe the Labor Department will take a better look for the next FT employee that applies for unemployment who has been discharged for low production problems.  Another thing to take into consideration is that when an employee does come forward with concerns of sexual harassment regarding Dick, because of this blog it will be taken more seriously.

Anybody who looks at my previous post and views those images of the production reports given to me while employed at FT that I posted on here, they can probably tell that employees prior to me have gotten the same thing.  Maybe the Judge next time will also take into account who the real scumbag is sitting at that hearing table.

When Dick brags about how many images that were scanned or indexed at a particular location, it has to be wondered if he tells that location who scanned the most documents, or if Dick even gives that location a list of his best indexers.  Not a list that somebody created in an excel spreadsheet either but an actual list from the database that the indexer and scanner used to submit their work.

As for job wise, my qualification to find a position somewhere that will recognize and appreciate me for the skills and education that I have.  Dick had my resume, viewed it during my interview and it was in my personal file.  He knew the qualifications from past experience were enough to run an office as a receptionist.  The fact that he tried to say my production dropped at the first office, next gave false production reports at the second one and then belittled me with a comment that I had no right to complain should be enough evidence to suspect he runs a corrupt company.
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