February 06, 2012

#IhateWaitingFor...the hearing is complete and now the wait!

After reviewing the file again this morning it appeared accusations that had been made were removed.  At least the one about the threat about hacking the network was gone at least.  Not being sure if  page six of the handbook was different this morning compared to last week, but than again, if  it wasn't and a mistake was made, my apologizes and time to move on.  The date from which the handbook was originally issued to me and the date on the one in the file this morning was different and with the accusation of me being disruptive on the seventeenth of November could have triggered a confusion.  If anything arises again making copies will be the smart thing to do, not putting all my trust in what is not in front of me at the moment.

On November seventeenth, I do remember that day very well and know that I was not being disruptive or making off colored jokes to anybody.  Yes other employees were making comments about me and at one time the IT guy, Josh, walked by when I was getting up to go on break and gave me a nasty look.  That is what launched my first email on November twenty-third of last year.  When a person is quietly working, not really saying anything much to anybody the entire day and having other employees walk by giving you dirty looks with comments such as, "What is she doing now", will give anybody an inferiority complex.  What should be taken into account is the fact that something like that will confuse the crap out of a person when they feel that they did nothing wrong in the first place.  Dick, please make a note that you do not have a grown man jump in front of a woman and glare at her without giving a reason as to why.  It will only make her feel intimidated and afraid.  Nobody should feel like that, especially at their job.

If it hadn't been for that email sent on November twenty-third asking the owner, administrator and E.A.P what had been going on over the past few weeks.  Next, following that email later that day was a meeting with Dick and a female manager.  Dick told me that nothing was wrong, that he thought I was being paranoid and nobody was watching me.  That could have caused a problem today and because I did send that email, unknowingly at the time it was sent, that it would later cover my butt.  Dick did not respond to the email or in any of the meetings that followed that email in regards to me being disruptive did help my case.

Last week after looking over the file at the Unemployment appeals board, then upon boarding the bus, I sat down in the back, pulled my hood over my head turned sideways and just started bawling the big fat tears with the long snot that comes out of your nose that won't go away.  On my arrival home, that is when this determination came over me, you know the one when to yourself you say, oh yeah...I'll show him and the typing of my statement to the appeals board began.

The look on surprise on Dick's face when he saw me sitting there in the waiting room of the Labor Department appeal board, it almost appeared as if he really did not expect me to show up.  Dick also brought his lawyer, which of course wasn't surprising after the chaos that arose from this Blog and the statement I faxed over last Thursday night.  They were definitely angry over the posts made on my Blog about a few of the managers being ignorant.  At one point towards the hearing Dick's lawyer started reading one particular email out loud, stressing something I put about saying a baaaaaad word, than she started spelling out they way the word bad was spelled.  It was embarrassing, which was her goal, but life does go on and from now on I will not try to be funny and spell the word baaaaaad wrong in an email.

During the hearing process whenever I mentioned Dick's real name, he sat up a little bit, as if he was possibly waiting for me to call him Dick or Kurt by accident.  To bad it's to late to change the name again, but changing it from Kurt to Dick was enough.  Last night a thought of changing it to Phuck seemed like an appealing idea quickly dismissed it as just being overly childish and would just be confusing.

The Judge also looked as if he was sympathetic towards me and hopefully that is a good sign, I will not get my hopes up either.  The outcome of what the decision is going to be will be determined and the Judge will send notification, by mail, within five business days.  As stated in a previous post on this Blog, hopefully honesty in all that was needed for a successful outcome.

YET...that bitchy side of me wants to post something juicy so...I decided...maybe it will be fun to post those production reports after all, of course with the company name blacked out.  Than the readers can get an idea of what to look for when handed an Excel Spreadsheet that does not seem to be correct.  As for posting the emails, I'll have to think about that because some of them are a bit embarrassing. Although, if anybody really wants to see those emails leave a comment and let me know.
Production Reports

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