February 16, 2012

#IFeelLikeBeingFunny - Appealing the decision

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: Appealing the decision - how to handle the next hearing

While reviewing the evidence from the hearing a few things that was overlooked earlier was the write-up on 12/19/11. The one Dick had me sign on 12/19/11 has the date of issuance for 12/16/11, that means it was something that occurred on 12/16/11, not the email on 12/18/11.  The accusation made of me hacking the network wasn't going to stick and he knew it so than he had to create a new reason.  It wouldn't be surprising if Dick had that write up filled out and ready the same afternoon of the Christmas party.  The second item that caught my eye was that the write up was for unprofessional behavior, it didn't state anything about being threatening or the use of abusive language.

Of course the network hack wasn't going to stick for three reasons:
  1. My statement shot holes in that accusation of a network hacking threat, along with the fact that there is a difference between Internet and network.  Internet would let me play farmville in the parking lot of FT and network would only remind me of work...Listen Here
  2. The comment in the original statement I wrote mentioned how he hugged me a little tighter and called me sweetheart when I kissed his cheek before my comment about the Internet...Listen Here.
  3. Trying to introduce an employee handbook that I never saw into evidence was ...listen here
I really do feel like my rights were violated in that hearing room, just going over the entire situation, how my original written subpoena request was ignored before and during the hearing. The fact that Dick, his lawyer, the ALJ and myself sat in that hearing room for over an hour going over documents that had nothing to do with the original denial in the first place only to be denied over an email sent to a coworker that doesn't even exist.

Earlier in the day, before the Christmas party, Dick pulled the old bump into me in the hallway to make it appear as if something inappropriate was said or make it appear as if I were following him. While heading for the ladies room Dick was staring at me with his mouth hanging open in surprise.  At the time I did not know what that was all about but now I think I do, he was trying it to make it appear as if I were saying...
From earlier post comments, it appeared on several occasions as if he really believed that in front of his family on Halloween and than again at the Christmas party I was going to do something unprofessional. Does Dick really think I am that stupid to go up to him in front of his wife and kids and act like some insane jealous woman? It has to be wondered if that type of situation ever did happened with another female employee in the past to make Dick believe it would actually happen again or is he really very delusional and not me.

Anyways when the appeal comes through Dick is going to have to produce the email with the profanity and the coworker that received the email with profanity in it. Of course since neither one of those two exist, what was it I said in a previous email again...oh yeah, how are you going to weasel your way out of this one Dick? What do you think of this new last name for Dick, head, so now in posts after this I may refer to him at times as Mr. Head.
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