February 28, 2012


There are so many different fights in this world for what is right and what is wrong.  Who is the one to put up a fight is the decision that is so difficult to face, sometimes others will try to discourage you from fighting for the right of others, the decision as to what you want to do should come from within yourself and not the opinions of others.

Today was the first day back at work after being out for two and a half months now. This job is only for a couple of days yet I am very grateful for it. It is something, that is better than nothing.  Working in an office setting again brought back memories of it should be at work. Being unhappy and terrified every day is not a normal setting, office or not. It is going to take a little while for me to come around, although it felt good to text on my phone while working. Once while texting a permanent employee just glanced at me, I was sure that I was in trouble for a second.

Forgetting that a place of employment should be enjoyable, not a death sentence, it felt good to smile and chat while working. There is nothing wrong with it and nobody should have to be afraid of being happy or fear of being written up for laughing just a little to loud on occasion.

As for the this post here in regards to issues that Dick did when it came to favouritism as per disabilities, as well as some other issues that should be serially looked into  when it comes to employee fairness may have seemed harsh.  Some may even say possibly  that it sounded mean but how can something like that be put lightly without having to be so blunt is a tough question.  The point of that post was that everybody should be treated equally, whether they are a six foot three inch tall black man or a five foot four inch white woman with a mental disability.  So if anybody is offended, I am truly sorry you feel that way but I am not sorry about what was said in that post and am glad that it was written, no matter how it had to come out.

There were times it felt as if everybody were either a fool or were just afraid to speak out loud when it came to the issue as to who should get any kind of an award at FT.  If it was the same white woman that got an employee of the week award every week, somebody would ask why and nobody would feel offended by that question.  Because of the sensitivity of the topic as to who with what disability should be chosen for an award, that is what was tough.  We are always preaching about the rights of others, so now lets practice it.
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