February 09, 2012

#ifyouknowmeyouknow - Emails sent to the owner of my previous employer

Hopefully the appeal process date does not take to long, the need to review the hearing transcript is killing me.

Here are the emails that were submitted into the New York State Unemployment that I had sent to Dick Hearing evidence file inside the hearing room.  If some seem confusing or crazy to you, click here to read this previous post, it will shed some light on the situation.  There was also a time that Dick and a female manager met with in regards to an email sent where I wanted to know why everybody was acting strange.

Dick told me it was because he had asked the female manager that was in the room to follow me into the ladies room if I ever went out at the same time that Dick went out because he trusted her with that.  The thing is, he would go out into the hallway when it was time for me to go on my break and wait until I walked out so that it would appear as if I were stalking him.

Email One
Email two
Email three
email four
Email Five
The Email that got me discharged

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