February 29, 2012

Ever wonder what makes a person who does bad things tick?

Here is something for everybody to check out, can you guess what this letter is for?

Anybody who might have been following my posts since the beginning or has at least read back enough to get an idea also may know Dick personally.  Those who have known Dick long enough has possibly been been the target of Dick's ridicule and other variety of unprofessional attacks at FT, whether you are an employee at FT now or was in the past.  You must also know that if he does know about this Blog, he is mad, but because I never used his real name or company name not much can be done about it.  Lets say the media got their hands on a criminal record of Dick's and printed it in a newspaper or even a news blog using Dick's real information, including the name of the company Dick owns, there would not be to much he could do about it legally unless it was untrue.

What sucks is the fact that he was aloud to, possibly,  an email that was sent to either him or Lori, the Employee Assistant Program Representative at the time of my employment at FT, and pass it along as an inappropriate email sent to a coworker.  In fact the email was me reporting serious issues to Dick and Lori about things going on in the office.  What's even amazing is that the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) had to know this wasn't an email to a coworker because of the fact that:

  1. The ALJ never showed me an email that was supposedly one that I had sent to a coworker and never asked me questions, such as, why did you sent this email to this coworker.
  2. When the ALJ asking questions during the hearing, he kept sticking the hand written notes under my nose, which I never saw while employed at FT, and asking questions, such as, what where you thinking when this happened.  

Maybe I am wrong and this isn't what happened, but what else could this mean according to the determination sent after the unemployment hearing:

When the ALJ did ask me about the hand written notes from the FT managers, he never even made reference towards the notes from the managers as being notes from the managers but always as "this".  That probably also explains why the ALJ and Dick kept acting funny whenever reference was made on my part as to the notes being notes.  Also, whenever I used the full names of the people the notes were referencing to, that really seemed to bug Dick.  Dick would sit up straight whenever I said things in terms as, "I do not know how I could have said anything to JM all day since he did not sit near me" and "Maybe when passing JM on my break I told him a corny joke".

Here is what some of the notes say that were never shown to me until the day I went to the Unemployment hearing office to look at them:

Marijuana Email - This one was sent to Lori
Raise Email - To Dick
Off The Record -  To Dick
Don't Fuck With Smart People - To Dick
Rant Time - Dick
Fuck-it Email, The email the got me discharged - To Dick

To view the production reports - CLICK HERE
Remake of production report by me that really made Dick mad!

The point is, nothing seemed to make sense at that hearing, the comment about the Marijuana Email that Dick made at the end of the hearing, the notes that I never saw until the hearing and the above determination.  My only other thought is that they are saying the Marijuana Email is the one sent to a coworker when in actuality it was sent to the E.A.P.

P.S.  I did notice that Dick chose an employee of the week who probably really did deserve it fair and square.  Hopefully this is from Dick's heart and not his ego being hurt from my February 27, 2012 post. 
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