February 14, 2012

Does knowing politians give somebody the right to violate another person's rights?

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: #ifyouknowmeyouknow - Emails sent to the owner of my previous employer

After sitting through the hearing for over an hour and getting a decision that had nothing to do with the evidence that Dick Head's attorney submitted is so frustrating. If you click the link above, all those emails on that post are to the owner of the company. Here is what the determination came out to be:

 To read my original statement submitted to the Unemployment Hearing Board for the Administrative Law Judge to review before the hearing, Click Here.  Everything in this statement is based on what was submitted into the hearing file before the hearing.  Most of what was submitted into the hearing file was removed the day of the hearing based on:
  • My Statement
  • The fact that why I was denied had nothing to do with what was added after my denial.
At the end of the hearing the ALJ asked me if I would need any witnesses or subpoena anybody, when I mentioned a manager that was nearby in the break room whom I though may have overheard because she looked over during JM and my conversation.  Nothing was said about my request, the hearing was concluded and the ALJ said he would make his decision within five days of the hearing and notify us by mail.  The notification was mailed out immediately following the hearing, the ALJ did not even ponder it for a second after the hearing, he probably made his determination before the hearing based on the evidence and that determination that has nothing to do with each other.

So now Mr. Head thinks just because he is a supporter of Dan McCoy this gives him the and the ALJ the right to violate my rights?  Does Mr. Head also think it is okay to break all types of labor laws by not giving employees copies of write ups, not subtracting lunch and breaks from employees production reports and sexually intimidating them, just because he supports Dan McCoy.  Now the big thing is, does Dan McCoy want to be proud to have a man like this support him and allow this man to conduct this type of business practice just because Mr. Head supports him?  What is the point of making labor laws if the only people that get to control them are the ones who are breaking them?

  • Click Here to view my original statement to the unemployment board
  • To view the emails click here and scroll to the bottom of the post.

This will give you an idea of what is being dealt with, it also might appear to the stenographer who is listening and typing the hearing process that I might appear to be mentally unstable and babbling.  Mr. Head was always trying to make it seem as if my mental stability was compromised

Here is what some of the notes say that were never shown to me until the day I went to the Unemployment hearing office to look at them:
  1. 12/5/11: Beth came to me and told me that I never fixed the formula's for production reports.  She said that she mentioned it to J and that she talked to Dick head and JK about it also.  She told me to fix and and "don't fuck with smart people"
  2. 11/17/11: Beth has been making comments and asking questions that either make no sense or not related to work.  To me if I think she finds this place a fun house.  It's starting to irritate me and other employees are starting to make comments about her.
During the hearing Mr. Head made a point of bring up the Marijuana incident and the emails I sent to him about it.  I wasn't discharged for that since there is no basis on discharging somebody because they suspect the use of Marijuana in the office, so why the ALJ let him sit there and talk about that is beyond me.  The original determination was not made on the basis that I reported somebody for having Marijuana on them in the office.

Back in the fifties they used to give patience in mental hospitals lobotomies for having an opinion or not believing in GOD.  Now what they do is make you seem paranoid and mentally unstable, not much has changed has it?
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