February 02, 2012


Dick is a bully, a big intimidating hot headed bully who probably prefers to hire employees that will be intimidated by the abuse he can put on them.  It would appear that he loves to use his company handbook, screaming tactics and write-ups to try to intimidate people.  Dick also does not like to lose, will most likely cheat to win, even if that means conducting shady shenanigans to get what he wants.

The type of personality Dick portrays is common in people of upper positions, such as a business owner like himself.  If a woman beats Dick at his own game there is going to be hell to pay and those of you who work for him and are reading this...RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!  If I have my way at the Unemployment hearing that following afternoon and all day Tuesday could possibly be the most miserable days for those FT employees.  What tickles me pink is how possibly appears that Dick really does not know how observant I am, even after the entire incident of how I caught the errors in my production reports.  If something like that was caught by me, maybe not so quickly because of the trust put into the company but it was discovered.  Because of that production report incident, as well as the ones related to it afterwards, of course I am going to pick every little thing apart, even documents that are not related to math.

Well, now I am off to fax some documents and do apologize for being so vague about the documents not related to math comment but I do not want to give anything away, yet, it actually is exciting.
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