February 15, 2012

Another interview - Why did I downgrade myself?

A few weeks ago I had written a post on Elizabeth's Blogger Wikis on how to create an attractive resume on CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com.  On that post are instructions on creating a nice resume on CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com's website so that when applying for jobs, potential employers will see your attractive resume instead of the usual humdrum one that the website creates when adding just plain text.  The instructions do not require any knowledge of HTML code either, just a few simple steps.  When the person who sees the job you are applying for sees it their first reaction will be, wow.

My own resume on CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com helped for me quite a deal.  Originally the position I applied for was for an inside sales representative, but the company called me for a position as an administrative assistant for the president of the WebIT section of the company.  The pay is much more than what I was making at my last job or any job in the past.  Not giving myself the benefit of the doubt it never occurred to me that the skills needed for higher paying jobs was right at my fingertips all along.

Of course I am still going to push the unemployment case because Dick is not going to use my money to keep his business running and it is time somebody took a stand for his behaviour.  This fight is not just for myself but also for those employees who he is going to try and is screwing over.
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