January 29, 2012

#WhenIwasAlittleKid - #ThingsMyParentsSaid

Here is a list of things I remember my parents saying #WhenIWasAlittleKid that was and would be confusing to any little kid.  Today when I remember these comments, they actually are quite funny.

My Mother - Quite often one of the five of us would run up to my mother, who was sitting on the couch knitting, jump on the couch and cry out something, while in midair, "MOM WHAT'S FOR DINNER".  Next we would land, with a plop, on our behind onto the couch and one of her knitting needles would get jammed into the back of our thigh.  Sitting there squirming with that look on our face of silent terror on our face, my mother would yank the needle out of our thigh and angrily tell, whomever was the unlucky one that day, "watch where you are sitting".

My father - He drove like a maniac, with both feet at the same time, his left foot on the gas and his right foot on the break, way above the speed limit.  The family car was a small hatchback and all seven of us would cram into it, my mother and father in the front, four of us in the back and one in the hatch.  With the windows rolled up, the heat on and my father speeding and jerking the car my parents would chain smoke and every time I would get carsick.  My father would have to pull over so that I could puke on the side of the road somewhere between Greenwich and Schaghticoke, NY.  Afterwards he would comment that "it's your mother's cooking".  My parents would than begin to argue for the rest of the car trip.

This list will be updated as memories of things my parents said come to me.  What do you remember your parents and/or siblings saying when you where a little kid that seems quite hysterical today when thinking about it?

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