January 31, 2012

The trick of digging up dirt on somebody at no cost

The Internet today is the most amazing way of finding out information on people without ever having to directly communicate with people most of the time.  People do not realize that what they are doing on the Internet is informing, whomever is interested in knowing, what your profession, interests and even dirty little secrets sometimes are.  Doing a simple search can tell a person so much of what is going on, as long as you know how to do that search.

People do not have to notify me on information that is going on a large part of the time.  A good wholesome Google Search is all the detective work needed to dig up information on another person much of the time.  If you are smart enough you can even do this without spending any more than what it costs you to be on the Internet.  There are even websites that allow you to do free searches for license plate ownership, telephone number, emails and address, past and present, and inmate look up by state.  Occasionally, if needed, to do more digging on a person and/or company, a site that you have to pay for will be necessary, such as criminal and credit check backgrounds.  For information that you may want to get more personal information about a person, those pay sites will not give you the dirt you will need.

Social networks are the easiest way of finding out who a person is and what they like to do just by looking at who they friend on sites like FaceBook and Twitter.  Newspaper articles are very helpful, there are news sites that will post obituaries going as far back as nineteen eighty seven.  Those simple little obituaries will tell you who the entire family members are and than the rest is gold from there.

A small company owner can easily be searched by Googling the name of their business and the state their business is located with quotations.  So for example, if you want to find out who I am, just Google "Elizabeth Miscellaneous Topics" or "Bethnesbitt."  Without quotations will give you a larger result but will give you unwanted results along with the search.  If you are really good sometimes all you need is a person's first name and the location of their business.  Recently I was able to obtain the full name of a business owner, the name of the company he was affiliated with and his email address just by doing a search by his first name, the state agency he was contracted through and a different company that was contracted through that same agency.

Of course the search did not give me the actual email address of the business owner but what it did give was a contact email address that was affiliated.  The biggest common thing that companies are notorious of is using the same consistency in an email address.  So an example would be, if the company always uses the first letter of their first name and their full last name before the @ than that is how it is done with almost every employee of that business, i.e. jdoe@gmail.com.  Of course having a impeccable memory and the ability to search the mind for previous conversations and incidents is very helpful as well.

Have fun!

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