January 30, 2012

One of the #5ThingIHate is #EmployeeMistreatment

Shortly after realizing what Dick was doing by making it look as if I were checking up on him by hanging around the reception area during my breaks and bathroom times.  Changing my schedule and making friends with Diana was actually an accidental smart move.  Now that there was a witness involved, the accusation of insubordination would have been tougher to stick. 

A particualr male employee, Joe, became overly concerned about what Diana and I were doing during our breaks, wanted to know where were we going and what were we talking about.  After questioning us several times on the second day that we took our breaks together I became concerned and confronted one of the supervisors, Rachel, about the behaviour.  Instead of being concerned about the issue her and another supervisor acted as if there was mental issues going on and contacted the E.A.P.  When I explained to the E.A.P. what the real concern was she notified Dick and that is when they took me in for a meeting.

All Dick did about the situation was question me as if I did something wrong, asking me over and over again what happened and than commenting how he and Britney thought I was paranoid and made a comment about how the story kept changing.  It was if I had a right to be concerned, especially since the company hired employees with criminal backgrounds and things like that should be more seriously taken into account.

Next Dick asked me how I was doing work wise and my comment was how it was getting boring, especially since they took me from doing the reception area which consisted of more mult-taking to just doing straight data-entry.  After asking if doing four boxes a day was much, Britney said no and when I asked if thirty-five hundred documents a day was sufficient enough, Dick said I should do more, that he did two-thousand and again I commented that my numbers were between three thousand plus, not knowing at the time they did not count your work by documents but by box.  Than Dick made a comment about my depression and he and Britney looked at each other with a smile on their faces.  Knowing at that point he thought, or was making the assumption, that the depression had to do with the trip to the Great Escape and him bringing his family along, as if nobody knew he had a family in the first place?  After commenting that it had nothing to do with work the meeting ended.

Later that afternoon with what was really making me depressed started weighing on my mind heavily and than becoming upset and crying, I pulled Britney aside and told her about how the Monday following the Great Escape Trip that there had been issues with my son that was still going on.  Now thinking about these situations and many of the others that came up afterwards, such as stated in this previous post, this was just another way of Dick creating situations and than making it seem as if the employee was at fault so that he had reason to discharge them.
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