January 11, 2012

New Updates - Redid my retweet, facebook like and Google Buzz buttons

Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics: Just updated the post to add a Facebook login button to your google blog

After some searching the net I finally found a site where I can redo my social networking sharing buttons. Now that google has it's own social network, something like facebook, it was obvious that a +1 button was needed. Now the buttons are at the bottom of my blog post, hopefully this will get me more reactions than at the top. Most people will read a post and not scroll back to the top to retweet, +1 or like it.

On the left you can see that there is now a twitter follow me icon and at the top is a page counter, some new features that Google added since I last blogged. Later I will add to my Elizabeth's Wiki Blog on how to add the buttons to your blog the way they are at the bottom of this post. That blog is also updated as well with a new layout that was offered by Google's Blogger Templates. It looks so much neater and my Facebook Login Button is working there now. If some of you are having problems with the button working and are not great with html coding, it probably would be a good idea to just reset your blog layout to clear out all of that code that you cannot remember where or what you added over a year ago.
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