January 28, 2012

#MyCrazyDreams - Is it a premonition?

Since childhood we learn that dreams are not real and usually mean that parts of our memory, day and life come out jumbled in the form of a dream or what I believe is a type of premonition.

It is mind blowing how our memories can come out in an event that never happened during our life but when awaken the dream has a meaning.  This morning mine was a dream about everything that I have been writing about over the past month and a half regarding my previous employment.

An old school friend of mine, Linda is the name I will use, who is on my personal FaceBook account was in this dream.  This is because a few weeks ago she reassured me after my discharge that the reason probably would not stick as long a hearing was requested and I am to go through with.  In the dream she had an eighteen month old boy and we were going for cover because a flood was on the way, the Hudson River was actually going to flood over and we needed somewhere safe to go.

The place we chose to shield ourselves from the water was in the basement of 704 River Street, except in the dream the bottom floor was all glass windows that could be seen out of.  Upon asking Linda if it was safe she said yes because we where inside and the water would be outside.  When the flood finally came you could see the water rising above these windows that went all the way around the building we where in except the water was getting ready to rush in and when I asked her why the water was coming in anyways she responded that it was okay as long as our heads didn't go under we would be safe.

Linda than asked me to hold her child and keep him safe so that he wouldn't drown and agreeing we where trying to get higher in this underground tunnel except the water was coming in after all.  The water was slowly rising and we were trying to get higher and higher while at the same time I was holding her son up as high as possible.  My arms were getting tired and dropping down but I kept catching him and holding him over my head while we walked up this small hill made of a cement pathway and stood on our tipsy toes.  Of course that is where I awoken because if not that the dream would have been forgotten.

What it meant was that the water was my unemployment hearing, the eighteen month old boy was other employees that had been wronged by this employer in the past and of course as mentioned earlier in the story my friend Linda is the one who reassured me.  There is something that wants me to do right by those who did not put up a fight and are now stuck in a job like McDonalds or Pricechopper because the owner, Dick, did what he could to run them out for reasons of greed.

Something that occurred to me is why Dick does it the way he does and the timing.  If he can runs an employee out before the end of the next calender year when he claims unclaimed unemployment that the employee paid out for the prior year, when that employee is denied or does not fight it he gets to keep it.  First he has to get the employee to quit or be terminated for misconduct or anything else that is breaking the rules in terms of the company contract.

That means creating a situation that would make a female employee think that Dick is attracted to her.  This is done by accidentally sexually harassing by bumping into her from behind, in the dark, while having an erection.  Later he would appear to be showing up afterwards when she is going to the ladies room or on her breaks so that it may appear as if he is interested.  Than when she says or does something inappropriate that would be considered insubordination.

My fight is for those who did not know what to do about these types of situations and even if what was done cannot be proved at least if it does ever occur again that seed has been planted for future unprofessional, unfair treatment type of behaviours from Dick or any other manager.  A few times Dick commented to me that he could easily discharge me and find a replacement.  My thought is that New York State could also pull their contract and give it to a company that treats there employees with respect and dignity, not like a piece of crap because he owns the company.
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