January 14, 2012

It's not what can't be proved but the paper trails that leave evidence behind that can be proved!

"Numbers and paper trails everywhere".

Last evening, walking to a meeting, some things dawned on me when it came to my health insurance from my previous employer.  Maybe somebody can shed some light on the situation because this is what is baffling me.  If my health insurance kicked in on October 1st, the deductions were taken out from September 17 - December 23, although, I was covered from October 1 - December 23 does it seem that I was over charged?  According to my calculations the coverage should have carried two weeks after December 23 or the deduction should have started on the pay period of October 1st - October 14.  That means payment was paid for six pay periods but coverage only lasted for four.

Also, while going over what the Unemployment's determination says and the earnings of my past paychecks total just does not make sense.  Monday I will call unemployment to see where they got those calculations from, they have a form on their website to request a reconsideration, just my luck, it has to be sent in before the twentieth to be received by the twentieth.  It probably is a good idea to also call the lawyer about my upcoming meeting and see if these issues need to be addressed, along with a few other ones.

My ego is a bit hurt over the situation, really, did my last employer actually believe that I was so unintelligent hat it would never be figured out?  Maybe because he is so used to dealing with, as well as making a point of hiring, people that are not very bright that he just went the wrong way in dealing with me.  The other day an ex co-worker posted on their Facebook something that just was not witty and the first thought was, "they are in management", sorry, that was so uncalled for.

At least everything needed is pulled together for my appointment with the lawyer.  At one time I would have been scrambling all over the place looking for this and that.

Added the paragraph below on 02/04/2011 @ 7:15pm
An afterthought, could it be the cost pro-rated for COBRA?  The amounts for the cost of Vision and CDPHP are the same amounts that were taken out bi-weekly, but and extra twenty dollars was taken out for dental.  The dentist called to confirm my appointment made for the twenty-first of December but I had to cancel because my dental coverage was canceled according to their records.  CDPHP also sent me a letter telling me that my coverage was canceled as of December 23, 2011 but nothing has come stating that my COBRA coverage was in effect as of February 4, 2012. -end
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