January 30, 2012


Every now and again over these past few weeks those doubts and fears start sneaking into my thoughts. Remembering two things that make the anger return and helps that adrenaline to return.
The two things are:

• When Dick said, on more than one occasion; "I have no problem terminating you, there are plenty of people I can replace you with".

- and -

• How hard I worked, the hours and devotion put in and how the thanks given was to treat me like nothing more than a common piece of trash.

Than I can keep moving forward with the fight. In the first bullet regarding the comment Dick made about replacing me, some little inkling tells me that Dick was warned in the past by some uppers about using that phrase as a threat against employees. If this is so, wouldn't you agree that comment is considered misconduct on his part.

At the age of thirty-nine during such a recession, finding work is hard and limited. Companies look at my track record, especially my age and push my application aside. Now I don't even have a dollar for a bus trip when a call does come in for a job interview. My son is grown and my health, mentally and physically, is good so being eligible for any assistance is out of the question. Am I angry? Yes and all because I walked into a corrupt company that's owner treats employee who have the audacity to apply for the health insurance that is offered. the real kicker is that they even advertise all the wonderful incentives on Craigs list to lure in those new, unsuspecting employees.
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