January 25, 2012

#IamPsychic, #IamAstalker or #IamObservant?

One of my sisters tells me she could swear that I am psychic because of the way my knowledge of things comes across to people.  Personally it appears to be more of an observant trait that was learned at an early age, like a survival technique to keep me safe from the many bullies, in school and at home.

One time my sister Anne was telling me that two of our sisters, Ruth and Susan were going out to dinner.  My comment was, "to the Sushi restaurant in Albany?"  Anne than, completely freaked out, said that she could swear I was listening to the telephone call she had with Susan just a few minutes prior to our conversation.  Explaining to Anne that it was just a common sense thing, Ruth was always telling talking about this wonderful Japanese Restaurant in Albany that we had to try out, Susan loves Sushi so it was just a simple thing to just put two and two together.

Some people who are not familiar with the correct medical term, Amblyopia, use the word "lazy eye" which is commonly but incorrectly used most of the time.  What this actually means is that my right side of my brain that tells my left eye to go and the left side of my brain that tells my right eye to go is not working at the same time the way it does for most people.  So the left eye works only when covering up the right eye, yet, the vision is very weak because of astigmatism.  Some treatments entail patching the good eye to get the bad eye to work but because of my astigmatism this did not work so cosmetic surgery was performed a the age of fourteen.

To make up for this disability my hearing is immaculate as well as my memory for sounds and smells.  one example is, while putting a Ethernet into a computer I may drop the screw but can hear where it landed and rolled and can nine-five percent of the time find it, pick it up and go back to fixing the PC.  Another example is upon hearing a voice just a few times will stay in my memory bank and all that person has to do is speak over the phone to me and if it is important on listening intently, I will go through my memory of voices to try to familiarize where their voice was heard at another time. 

An incident like this happened recently when somebody called me at home and pretended to be somebody they really weren't.  After a few hours of going over where I could have heard that male voice over the last few months it finally came to me.  Also, the fact that his business partner posted a picture of him on twitter later that night helped a great deal.

Admittedly at times it is tempting to abuse this little technique of mine by screwing with people but it also is just another way of personal protection.  So  few people may think #IamStalking them, others will think #IamPsychic and another small handful will say #IamObservant.  It is simply being observant, no there are no stalking issues going on and if being observant and psychic fall under the same category than now you know how the psychics do it.
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