January 27, 2012

#IamAngry because blue collar criminals get away with so much

If I where caught or even suspected of going into a courtroom and lying they would immediately throw the book at me.  Although, somebody with a fat wallet can go into an unemployment hearing with false documents, knowingly that, an example is, the math solutions are intentionally incorrect and nothing happens.  Nobody takes a second look at them because the Judge went to court for law not for math so why else would he doubt the businessman.

All records are lost in our legal system because it is so clogged up with court appearances, appeals and other issues.  We can only have confidence that innocent parties that do catch such fraudulent issues will know how to correctly report the problem.  This can  will at least open the eyes of the legal system so that when an identical issue comes across their desk again they will take a better look at it.

When the owner of FT, Dick, instructed the guy in the IT department, JK, to fix the excel spreadsheet so that when the numbers were entered they would come out incorrectly.  This is how they started producing my false production reports to me. At the time it never occurred to me that was what was going on due to the fact that at the time I had thought that Dick was a honest, upstanding business owner.  .  A month after my employment ended at FT is when it occur that there were situations were situations going on in terms of my production.  

A week before the date of my discharge from FT, I went to the EAP Representative Lori.  This was on the Friday before my "so called defiant behavior" with JM occurred.  When my production still hadn't been corrected it was the last straw and talking with Lori seemed like the right thing to do.  After the conversation with Lori I remembered one of the managers, Jared, running into the IT department's office and the following Monday my reports were corrected.  When Dick handed them to me though, I knew that the following Friday the numbers were much higher than what was reported.  Having an excellent memory, something that goes along with that is my ability to store numbers in my head and remember them.  Dick was so busy telling bitching about how I had no right to complain about my production reports being given to me incorrectly it didn't seem like any use to mention that the past Friday's numbers looked so low on the spreadsheet.  This was also when the realization that, even though the Marijuana incident started it but still being in denial, Dick was not a very good person.

The smart thing to do would have been quietly take the production reports and just let them discharge me for being unable to meet production requirements.  That would have made the unemployment hearing case a much easier fight.  The look on  Dick's face would have been golden in the courtroom but since I did put so much faith and trust in him, all that can be done now is hope that what was reported to the labor department is taken into account.  Just sending copies of pay stubs that have tax errors, bad production reports that are charging for lunches and breaks and extra health insurance costs taken out is enough proof to show that this is a person that will do anything to break the law.  This wasn't done the first time around and maybe that was my mistake but than again nothing said in my original statement was taken into account.
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