January 12, 2012

How honest are you?

"When do we have to sit back and think about that? How honest are we and when are we dishonest is the question. Where does a person draw the line between good and bad is a tough concept to look at but if you can, that makes you the better person".  

While still active in my drug and alcohol addiction, honesty was important, although, it was practiced correctly. Thinking that working in my boyfriends grocery not stealing from him and making sure not to rip off the customers made a good person. What I did not look at was what lengths it took to support my habit.  A few years ago I used to make bootleg movies and sell them on the streets or through friends businesses. It was good money, even if it was being spent on drugs. At one point, during unemployment, stealing the DVDs began. I would lift them, make the movie and resell them. At the time, convinced that it would stop and the money would be used to start purchasing them, it didn't happen.  To make amends for what was done, now whenever possible I donate anonymously to one of the causes that these merchants offer. When they ask if I would like to give a dollar for breast cancer or one of those other organizations and just sign anonymous or the merchants name to the four leaf paper clover.

Sure you may think this is horrible but if you look at what you have done in the past that was dishonest you will realize that you aren't any better than me. Take in account a business owner that hires mostly people on public assistance or disability. We know that the company gets a tax break, yet, if he fires the one who is ineligible for government benefits after a period of time because of their income and they need health insurance, that the company offers.

When is he a good person or was he ever generous? Does giving somebody a chance because it makes him "look" good mean he is really a kind person? Do you think a person who gives a woman with a disability a job for his own personal profit a good person? What are your thoughts or comments on this subject?
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